Today sees the release of a host of updates, the main of these being free upgrades to both DynamicSketch v2 and MirrorMe.

Along with these free upgrades, there are also a host of improvements and bug fixes for DirectPrefs, VectorFirstAid and VectorScribe.

What's New?




  • Version changed to 2.1.0.
  • Improvement: When sketching in a layer that has mirroring axes (created using Astute Graphics' MirrorMe plug-in), the sketch preview will now also be mirrored.
  • Improvement: When stylus-pressure sketching using the pulled string cursor, the current path width is now dynamically shown when the string is slack (before drawing has occurred).
  • Improvement: "Auto-Detect Continuous Repeated Closed Path Sketches" will now generate fewer false positives, and perfect circles created using "Smooth Towards Circular" and 100% Smoothness will now always be constructed using four standard anchor points.
  • Improvement: Sharp corners in a sketch path are now better detected and should stay sharp even at higher smoothness settings.



  • Version changed to 1.3.0.
  • Better compatibility with DynamicSketch 2.1.0's live mirrored sketching.
  • Bug fix: Variable stroke width paths that intersect one axis are now correctly mirrored.


Improvements and Bug Fixes


  • Version changed to 1.0.4.
  • Bug fix: Changing the constrain angle while the grid is showing will now properly redraw the grid.



  • Version changed to 1.1.3
  • Improvement: When setting parameters on the fly, the value in the text edit box is now initially highlighted to make it easier to change.
  • Bug fix: Zero-opacity items are no longer removed from knockout groups.
  • Bug fix: Super Smart Remove now produces identical results whether applied to a single path or multiple paths simultaneously.



  • Version changed to 3.1.3
  • Improvement: License status message (for example, when deactivating) is properly updated in the Dynamic Shapes and Dynamic Corners panels.
  • Improvement: The 'Select->Dynamic Shape…' menus no longer remain active after the plug-in is deactivated.
  • Improvement: If the PathScribe panel is hidden and the PathScribe tool is not in use, the artwork is no longer scanned for redundant point status.
  • Improvement: If the PathScribe tool is not in use and the PathScribe panel is hidden, Illustrator should be more responsive when there are a very high number of paths in the document.
  • Bug fix: The redundant point indicator button no longer "flashes" when selecting path items.

All upgrades, improvements and fixes can be obtained by downloading and running the latest installer (v.1.2.3) from the website.

Introductory Discount Offer

For 3 weeks we are offering those who don't already own these plug-ins the opportunity to purchase them at a discounted price*


Click here to purchase DynamicSketch v2 and MirrorMe with 40% off if:

  • You're not yet a customer (if you have an account please login to access the discount, if you don't have an account your discount will be provided at checkout)
  • You have never purchased DynamicSketch v1, DynamicSketch v2 or MirrorMe.
  • You purchased DynamicSketch v1 in the past but don't currently have DynamicSketch v2 or MirrorMe.


Click here to purchase DynamicSketch v2 with 40% off if:

  • You purchased DynamicSketch v1 in the past and you have MirrorMe, but you don't currently have DynamicSketch v2.
  • You own MirrorMe but you don't currently have DynamicSketch v2.


Click here to purchase MirrorMe with 40% off if:

  • You currently have only DynamicSketch v2.


Upgrades are free if:

  • You're an Elite or if you already have both DynamicSketch v2 and MirrorMe. To install simply click the link above to login to your account, then download and run the latest installer (v.1.2.3) and follow installation instructions below.


All existing customers and those on our mailing list will have received an email on Wednesday 27th September with details of the offer. If you are eligible for the discount then simply follow the link in the email and checkout to claim.

Alternatively, just click on the link above that's applicable to you.

*Offer expires midnight Sunday 15th October


When installing the latest upgrades please note that the Astute Graphics Unified Installer recently underwent some changes to ensure that customers didn’t upgrade to paid-upgrade versions unwittingly.

Accordingly, on the installer step that lists all the plug-ins available to install, you will now need to tick the box next to the plug-in to be updated (circled in red below) before you see mention of version 2.

Ticking this box will confirm that you are upgrading to the latest version (as circled in green below)

Terms & Conditions

  • DynamicSketch v1 is a previous Generation Plug-in, it will therefore be necessary to purchase version 2 to receive the upgrade.
  • Existing customers please note: It will be necessary to log into your account to claim the discount.
  • If you have more than one customer account then to avoid erroneous purchases of plug-ins already owned, please ensure that you have merged these accounts together before claiming your discount. If you are unsure whether or not you have more than one account, please read the FAQ advice/information on Merging Accounts



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