New features and improvements of VectorFirstAid and VectorScribe

As of today our popular VectorScribe v3 and VectorFirstAid plug-ins have got some great new features and improvements. These updates are free to existing VectorScribe v3 and VectorFirstAid customers! Just run the most recent installer to get these updates.

New features of VectorFirstAid

“Modify Point Types” (located in the panel drop-down menu) – this changes the type of points to be consistent with their appearance. For example, corner points with two opposed handles (within angle tolerance) should be smooth.

Modify point types

Checkups can now be automatically rerun after fixing all issues until there are no remaining issues. You can enable this feature in the VectorFirstAid Preferences dialog box.

“Re-run Checkup After Fix All” (disabled by default). When enabled, fixing all issues in a checkup will cause the checkup to automatically rerun immediately.

“Fix All if Issues are Still Detected” (disabled by default). Checkups which are automatically rerun will also automatically have all issues (if any) fixed.

“Repeat up to _ (3 by default) times”. The maximum number of times to repeat automatically rerunning a checkup and fixing all issues until no further issues appear.

VFA Preferences dialog box

Improvements of VectorFirstAid

Combineable text is now recognized even if its stacking order is reversed from the normal order.

Text recognised even if stacking order reversed from normal

Joined paths are now closed if the first and last points are coincident.

Example of how joined paths are handled.

Highlighted issues which may be invalid (because of a prior fix to a separate issue) are now noted as such. For example, two stray points exist off the artboard. If you check the document with “All Issues” you should see “2 stray points” and “2 off-artboard art objects”. If you click on “2 stray points” and “Fix Selected”, then “2 off-artboard art objects” will still be in the list. But if you click on it and then click the “Show” button, you will see “This issue cannot be displayed”, because it is no longer valid. In this case, please re-run the checkup.

The panel UI now honors Illustrators UI preference settings in regards to OS text scaling [Windows only].


Improvements of VectorFirstAid and of VectorScribe

The tools now support the larger anchor and handle sizes available in CC2018.1.

Tools support large anchor and handle size in CC2018.1

The Dynamic Corners tool no longer considers guides when hovering to show potential corners.

Dynamic corner tool no longer considers guides.

And finally, the panel UI now honors Illustrators UI preference settings in regards to OS text scaling [Windows only].

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