Important product change information

Since this article was originally published, Phantasm CS, Phantasm CS Studio and Phantasm CS Publisher have been separated into three individual plug-ins:

Phantasm: color control and vector halftones
Rasterino: the ultimate embedded image solution for Illustrator
InkQuest: control of common pre-press tasks

Existing customers of Phantasm CS / Studio / Publisher can find full details of how this affects their licenses by reading this article.

The single most requested feature since the launch of Phantasm CS back in 2006 has finally been realised; a fully-working trial version. Extending Adobe Illustrator™ with the consistently acclaimed color control and pre-press plugin range is now even easier to justify.

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Phantasm CS has always been offered in a Trial version. But due to the licensing system originally employed, it was only ever capable of providing glimpses into the full capability of the tools on offer. Now, with the introduction of a new, and vastly more flexible, licensing system, Astute Graphics is able to offer a fully-working 7 day Trial mode.

Vector Halftone

Have you ever wanted to play fully with vector Halftones (shown above) in the whole Phantasm CS range? Curious about how it's become possible to take control of embedded images with Phantasm CS Studio and Publisher? Work daily with packaging and flexo artwork and always looking to improve you workflow? How about taking even the most advanced and newly-released Phantasm CS Publisher Ink Coverage and Swap Channels tools for a spin?


There's an old engineering phrase: "Keep It Simple, Stupid". With this in mind, we put on our thinking hats and have managed to hugely simplify the product range.

Version 1 of Phantasm CS Designer | Studio | Publisher came in 18 different flavours (Windows, Mac, Illustrator CS2, CS3, CS4 and CS5). And the old Trial variants had to match this, which also gave 18 options. It was too much. So how about just 2 options: Windows or Mac? That sounds much better, and that's now what we've got.

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Apply a license, here and now

Apart from being able to modify all vector and image artwork directly within Illustrator for 7 days, the new Trial version also brings another major advantage…

Licensing menu

Once installed using the new Mac OS and Windows XP/Vista/7 installers (ideal for system administrators), it's no longer necessary to discard a special Trial download version when buying a full version. Instead, it's now possible to use a new Astute Graphics menu found within Adobe Illustrator's Help menu to buy a licensing, request an upgrade for all existing customers and to apply a license key.

This means there's no need to uninstal a Trial version, buy the product, download the full product, instal. Simply convert your Trial version to a full version using the new License Manager.

It's taken some time to get to this stage. But we feel it's been more than worth the wait. We hope you do too!

Download 7 day trial
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