Adobe has just released what was considered to be a minor update to Adobe Illustrator CC. Unfortunately we have received reports of compatibility issues with Stipplism in particular at the moment.

We will start running full tests on all our current plug-ins and confirm as soon as possible the extent of the issue and time-scales to provide a solution.

In the meantime, we strongly advise those who have not yet upgraded Illustrator to hold-off until further notice. For those who have upgraded and are unable to downgrade, please un-install Stipplism (see our support pages for details of this process).

Thank you for your continued support and we hope to update you very soon.

Update: it appears that Adobe has updated the Select > Object > … sub-menu without notice. As Stipplism has a "find Stipples" function added within this sub-menu, it has caused Stipplism's overall functionality fail to appear.

This change has also affected Phantasm and InkQuest in a very minor way; neither of these plug-ins will add their Select > Object > … sub-menu functions at present in Illustrator 2015.2.1. However, both these plug-ins continue to operate their core tools without apparent further issue.

Now that we know the cause (which at present is affecting Mac and not Windows users), we think we can have a solution in relatively short time.

Please keep an eye on our social feeds for the latest information on update availability.

We continue to strongly recommend users of Astute Graphics' plug-ins refrain from updating Adobe Illustrator without a status update from ourselves.

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