VectorScribe v3 brings even more vector control

Improved tools, focused learning and amazing results are all the focus of VectorScribe v3 – the latest and greatest plug-in for Adobe Illustrator developed by Astute Graphics! For this release, we first talked to our many thousands of users to see what they liked and... read more

End of Support for Adobe Illustrator CS5

The time has finally come for Astute Graphics to end support on all new releases for Adobe Illustrator CS5. Due to the ever-expanding set of Creative Cloud releases along with CS6, support has to cease for CS5 for practical reasons. And with the CC releases now coming... read more

We are ready for Mac OS Sierra

With the recent public release of Mac OS 10.12 "Sierra", we have been testing compatibility with our current plug-ins operating with Adobe Illustrator CC2015.3. The good news is that no issues solely relating to this upgrade have been found or reported.... read more

Installing and activating your plug-ins

This guide will take you through the process of downloading and installing your plug(in)s. (We are illustrating this process with Mac OS screenshots – Windows users will see similar options). Here we will use the installation of VectorScribe as an example,... read more

10 Years of Astute Graphics

  Here at Astute Graphics we're celebrating 10 years of our plug-ins and as you can see, it's been a busy, productive and eventful decade! As a thank you to our customers, we offered a limited time giveaway of Stylism for free (normally sold for £35 –... read more

How to Create a Tote Bag Mock-up in Adobe Illustrator

In today's tutorial you will learn how to create a Tote Bag Mock-up on which you can easily replace color elements, textures and even object shapes. This is possible thanks to a few plug-ins: Texturino, VectorScribe, Stylism, Phantasm, DynamicSketch and some... read more

How to Create a Handmade Sackcloth Heart in Illustrator

Today using the example of creating a handmade sackcloth heart, we will explore the Shadows and Highlights functionality of Texturino v1.2 to add realism to your vector workflow. The new Convert Raster Art to Texture feature makes it even easier to work with bitmap... read more

Be a Pro and Go Faster with Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts form the natural reflexes of pro designers. Join the elite by learning these key shortcuts found in both our free and commercial plug-ins for Adobe Illustrator, as well as for all Illustrator users!   Astute Graphics plug-in shortcuts SubScribe... read more

From Paper to Vector – Including the Clockwork Method

Before I wrote this blogpost, I decided to fully investigate the many recommendations and workflows that exist to draw "The perfect Vector". My inspiration appeared after seeing the amazing hand-crafted typography our colleague Gemma Goode made. How could I... read more

Adobe Illustrator CC2015.3 now fully supported

On 21 June 2016, Adobe released the latest major round of updates for its Creative Cloud desktop apps. Within the updates was Adobe Illustrator CC 2015.3. Curious about what's new? have this covered… Here is all you need to know about updating... read more

Brexit and Astute Graphics

Today's news has been dominated by one story – Great Britain is out of the EU. I will not attempt to address the social or general economic ramifications here, nor represent the personal opinions of myself or any colleague, but I want to give you an update from... read more

How to Color Correct in Illustrator with Phantasm

In the process of creating illustrations that consist of thousands of vector objects, a digital artist may lose control over color harmony. I personally always want to slightly adjust color and contrast after completing work. Selecting and recovering objects... read more

New Grunge Pro Texture Pack for Texturino Customers

Astute Graphics has released a major new Pro Texture Pack free to Texturino customers. Grunge textures are a fantastic way to quickly introduce a real-world "edge" to your vector designs. This Pro Pack ensures a selection of 12 high quality professional... read more

Texturino v1.2 FREE upgrade

Texturino version 1.2 is now available as a free upgrade to all customers! Hot on the heels of our recent successful introduction of Texturino v1.1 comes a great new release bringing the following benefits to customers: New feature: "Convert Raster Art to... read more

Competition: Win your design on a Tee!

Did you see our Webinar on "T-Shirt Mock Ups – How-to in Adobe Illustrator"? If so go ahead and send us your t-shirt design either to or tag us @astutegraphics on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and you could win your design on a... read more

Carlos Garro: Gekos

When I started analysing the possibilities of what I could create with the new Texturino, I decide to take a risk and illustrate something that did not look "vector" at all. The source of inspiration came in December when I was doing a back up of my old... read more

Voucher to say “Thank You!”

Place an order for £50 (approx. $73 / €65) or more on to receive a free voucher code to spend on a future purchase on Simply Spend £50 – £99.99 in a single transaction between 18 to 25 May 2016 and you'll receive a £5... read more

Featured Artist: Chris Coffin

Chris Coffin is a 24-year-old Freelance graphic & web designer. Born and raised in Montreal, he graduated with a college degree in Graphic Design in 2012, and has worked in the industry for over 5 years. He has an incredibly creative & artistic mind, with a... read more

What is an Adobe Illustrator’s plug-in?

A Plug-in (or add-on, extension) is a software component that adds a specific feature or tool(s) to an existing computer program e.g. Adobe Illustrator. This is the most popular vector graphics editor that has many features and tools, which might be not enough for... read more

Power up with Phantasm!

Halftone | Live Colour Control | Filters Made up of two key components Phantasm makes light work of much sought-after vector halftones and tricky colour adjustments. Easily adjust vector artwork, text, effects and embedded images with curves, levels and other... read more

Featured Artist: Texturino Sea Horse by Liz Anderson

Liz Anderson is a designer and illustrator based in Atlanta, GA who loves learning new things just as much as a good rhubarb pie! Visit her at: Below Liz talks about her experimentation with the new texture plug-in – Texturino.  I am always... read more

Texturino just got better!

Texturino version 1.1 is now available as a free upgrade to all customers! Here's how you will benefit… Knockout opacity mode for instant "eroded" effects "Package" export of textures used in current document; will be placed by default in... read more

New Pro Texture Packs for Texturino Customers

Astute Graphics has just released two new Pro Texture Packs free to Texturino customers. For details of the contents and to download, customers need to sign-in into their Astute Graphics account (the same account used to purchase Texturino) and click on the new Pro... read more

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