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Important product change information

Since this article was originally published, Phantasm CS, Phantasm CS Studio and Phantasm CS Publisher have been separated into three individual plug-ins:

Phantasm: color control and vector halftones
Rasterino: the ultimate embedded image solution for Illustrator
InkQuest: control of common pre-press tasks

Existing customers of Phantasm CS / Studio / Publisher can find full details of how this affects their licenses by reading this article.

It is with some relief that we are now in a position to start rolling out the Windows/CS6 versions of our plugins. It's been a long wait, but worth it! A big thank you to all those who have patiently waited.

Phantasm CS is our most popular product and is the first to be made available for Windows/CS6. The plan is to release our testbed plugin, SubScribe Designer, next week with finally VectorScribe and DrawScribe completing the CS6 conversion process in a few weeks.

Download now

Simply visit the Phantasm CS download page and click on the "Phantasm CS (BETA), for Illustrator CS6 (Win)" button to download.

For the first time for Windows users, the ZIP file contains both a 32bit and 64/32bit installer catering for all Windows XP, Vista and 7 systems. Please run the appropriate installer for your system.

Note that this installer is only for Windows/CS6. For Illustrator CS3-CS5.1 on Windows, please use the alternative button found on the download page.


If run on the system for the first time, you will have started the 14 day full trial period which provides access to all Phantasm CS Designer / Studio / Publisher tools. At the end of this period, you will need to apply a Phantasm CS (CS3-CS6) license key. If you own a license key for CS3-CS5, it will be necessary to upgrade your key.

Beta status

As with the earlier Mac OS release of Phantasm CS for CS6, we are officially releasing this software initially as "Beta". It has now undergone a good level of testing, but if you do find any further issues we do ask that you contact us. Please refer to the "!Read Me" text file located within the downloaded ZIP archive.

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