The new Phantasm v4 is built from ground up to make its functions more accessible and easily manageable, with the help of a common for all effects Phantasm panel. Let's take a closer look at how this works now.

In the previous version of the plug-in, to use the Phantasm tool you had to search for it in the Effect menu. For example, Effect > Phantasm > Phantasm Levels…, then manage the options and parameters in the dialog box. To apply another Phantasm effect we have to close the current dialog box, find the next effect in the menu and set it again in the new dialog.

Effect menu

The access to the parameters of the applied effects we could get only in the Appearance panel. These actions take quite a long time.

Appearance panel

Therefore, to accelerate the process of application and management of effects in the new Phantasm v4, a panel was developed (Window > Phantasm > Phantasm Panel).

Phantasm v4 panel

To apply the effect, we need to move the slider or select the checkbox. For example, let's shift the B (Brightness) slider and tick Desaturate checkbox.

Phantasm panel showing slider / checkbox

This will result in an instant application of Brightness/ Contrast and Desaturate effects to the selected objects. Appearance panel proves it. To change the sequence of applied effects, we need to move them in the stack of the Appearance panel, just as it was done before.

Apperance panel stack sequence

In order to access all the parameters and effect options, you need to click on the corresponding icon in the left part of the panel. This opens a quite familiar dialog box.

Phantasm panel showing dialog box

To delete an effect, simply click on the X icon to the right of the sliders.

Phantasm panel how to delete an effect

If the visibility of the Phantasm effect has been turned off in the Appearance panel, then a vertical dashed line appears on the right edge of the Phantasm panel in the section of this effect. To turn on visibility, click on this line.

With the help of the Fill, Stroke and Text checkboxes, you can select which type of objects the effect will be applied to.

Buttons located at the top of the Phantasm panel are designed to apply Levels, Curves, Duotone and Halftone effects. Clicking on them opens a dialog box with options and parameters.

A more convenient and noticeable switch between Basic and Advanced options is now located in the effects dialog boxes.

Effects dialog box Basic and Advanced options

Finally, we can customize the appearance of the panel, by disabling effects that are rarely used or, conversely, including previously disabled. This is done in the dropdown menu of the Phantasm panel.

Effects panel how to customize appearance

I would like to point out the following:

  1. You can still apply Phantasm effects through the Effect menu, like this: Effect > Phantasm > Phantasm Levels…
  2. Phantasm filters were removed from the current version of the plug-in, as they have a destructive nature of editing, like any filters.


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