Phantasm v4 is here, and this release now has a fantastic new Halftone engine, which gives wonderful new, accurate results. Let's take a closer look at these improvements.

A vastly improved algorithm for the Halftone effect

To demonstrate the work of the new Phantasm Halftone engine, create a complex object (for example, the letter S) and select a serif font for it. Then apply a linear monochrome gradient to the object.

Next, apply the Phantasm Halftone Live effect to the letter, by clicking on the corresponding button in the Phantasm panel.


This will open a dialog box and apply the effect with the default settings. For a better clarity, reduce the DPI to 8. As you can see, the points on the border of the object fade, this creates a more precise appearance than in the previous version of the plug-in.


In the dialog box, there is a Use Legacy Algorithm option, which is disabled by default. Tick this checkbox to compare the results of the old and new Halftone engine.



The new algorithm works a little bit slower than the old one, because it needs to do more work, but we get a better result. Even if we use the old algorithm, we can automatically create a clipping mask along the contour of objects using the new Phantasm v4. The Clip to Object in the Phantasm Halftone dialog box option is designed for that.





Many of the Halftone effect parameters such as the DPI can now be entered with fractional values rather than integers. This allows you to get more variants of the effect.



The Halftone effect dot shape menu now lists Symbols directly. Previously, the symbol had to be selected beforehand in the Symbols panel before opening the Phantasm Halftone dialog box. This was inconvenient and a sequence of actions needed to be memorized.


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