Phantasm, Astute Graphics' first plug-in, has received its biggest update in 12 years!

Here are the highlights of what's new in version 4

  • NEW Phantasm Panel for instant and intuitive color control

  • IMPROVED vector Halftone engine for greatly improved quality

  • NEW Vector Halftone clipping option

  • NEW Prepress Correct Effect and ability to auto-apply to all layers (via panel)

As always, we've listed to what our customers want. This has ensured that Phantasm is now quicker and easier to operate for both experienced and new users with the brand new control panel. Plus, the ever-popular vector Halftone live Effect has received a major overhaul with a new engine that now produces fantastic results, resulting in more detail and quality!

New Phantasm v4 Panel

A top priority for this major Phantasm update was to make the adjustments more intuitive and accessible for existing experienced users as well as newcomers to absolute vector artwork color control.

Using a mechanism unique to Astute Graphics and originally developed as a proof of concept for Stylism, then used to great effect in Texturino, all non-destructive live Effects can now be controlled directly from a new panel. This panel is designed to make the primary and common adjustments a click-and-drag away.

The panel also allows for immediate access to full adjustment modal dialogues through intuitive icons. Indications are clearly given to which life Effects have been applied or hidden, with removal of these a cinch!

Customise then panel any way you like, showing or hiding any of controls you want, dock it with native and Astute Graphics panels and save as part of your Illustrator workspace.

Improved Vector Halftone Engine


Phantasm v4 has received a major internal overhaul to ensure another 12 years of excellent service! One of the focuses when working on the internals was to bring about improvements to the vector Halftone Effect quality as demonstarted below:

Coupled with the higher level of Halftone quality, ensuring more detail is retained, is the new option to automatically vector clip resultant artwork. This used to be a long and tedious process to ensure sharp edges. Now it's simple a click away!

New Phantasm v4 Prepress Correct Effect

Phantasm has been used by pre-press, screenprint and other print output professionals since its launch in 2006. Phantasm has progressively gained more and more pre-press controls such as Overprint White removal in the advanced options of most Effects.

The ability to automatically remove the potentially costly and embarrassing overprint white, plus convert rich blacks to pure blacks has been taken a step further today with the release of version 4.

It is now possible, instantly via the new Phantasm Panel to automatically perform these corrections on selected artwork or all current and new layers (ie. the entire document) with the mere click of a button!

Prepress Correct live Effect via Phantasm Panel

Other Improvements

  • The Advanced Options menu for each effect is now more easily discoverable.
  • The Save and Manage Options dialogs have been modernized.
  • Many user interface elements have been updated (for example, graphs now support dark backgrounds, and most icons now have Retina resolutions).


Need more convincing?

We offer a fully functional, free 14 day trial to allow you to try it all for yourself…


Existing customer?

If you are already a customer, simply log into your Astute Graphics accounts page and download the latest installer. You will also find a coupon code to get your discounted upgrade (see email sent 19 April 2018 for more details)…

I recently started working with a screen printer to help them achieve faster turn around on designs. This plugin paid for itself before my free trial was even up!


Yes it’s pricey, and yes it integrates features into Illustrator that should have been there in the first place, but no one can deny what a massive time saver this plugin is. Huge fan of Astute, never regretted a single purchase. Keep up the great work!


This and other plugins are such brilliant pieces of code. They take care of a lot of boring tasks and save a lot of my time. A pleasure to use and totally worth the money. Thank you!


Installing Phantasm v4

The Astute Graphics Unified Installer underwent some changes last year to ensure that customers didn’t upgrade to paid-upgrade versions unwittingly. Accordingly, on the installer step that lists all the plug-ins available to install, you will now need to tick the box next to the plug-in (circled in red below) before you see mention of the newer version.

  • When installing only Phantasm v4, on the installer step that lists all the plug-ins available to install, tick the box next to Phantasm.
  • If you have previously installed Phantasm v3 or earlier, you will see confirmation text Upgrade version 3.x.x to 4.x.x.
  • Now click on Install button to continue with the installation process.
    Installing Phantasm v4

For full advice on installing our plug-ins, please refer to our Installation Guide.

Not ready to move to Phantasm v4?

Don’t worry, you won't be forced to upgrade if you don’t want to. If you're not ready to move on to this new version, please see our advice on Remaining with / Reinstalling Phantasm v3

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