Dynamic Measure Tool VectorScribe plugin

In this short tutorial we will learn how to measure a curved line with the Dynamic Measure tool (VectorScribe plugin). Fashion designers always need such measurements to create sewing patterns. Dynamic Measure tool has a bunch of useful features which you'll learn about after jump.

Many thanks to Svetlana Makarova AKA Lanitta (lanitta.com) for permission to use her artwork Fashion 3 in the article header.

Step 1

Fashion designers constantly need to measure curved segments on the sewing patterns. The fact is that the junction of the various pieces of fabric should be the same length for proper stitching. The figure below shows the sewing pattern of the pants which we will be practicing with.

Dynamic Measure Tool VectorScribe plugin

Open the Dynamic Measure panel (Window > VectorScribe > Dynamic Measure). Before measuring, you should tick the options that you need. I ticked all the options for training purposes.

Dynamic Measure Tool VectorScribe plugin

You can choose the units and scale of measurement.

Step 2

Take the Dynamic Measure tool and measure between the anchor points A and B.

Dynamic Measure Tool VectorScribe plugin

The annotation shows us:

  • Direct length between points A and B
  • Angle between points A and B
  • Distance between points A and B along the X axis (dX) and Y axis (dY)
  • Length along the actual curved segment between points A – B in one direction (DWP) and the other direction around a closed path (DAP). Note: if the path was an open one, the DWP and DAP annotations are replaced with a single "DP" value as there's only one way to get from A to B.

Measure a curved line

Thus, DWP is the length of a curve that needs to be measured.

Step 3

The Dynamic Measure tool can do measurements between any points of the path, not only between the anchor points.

Measure a curved line

You can convert the annotation into artwork by clicking on the annotation arrow.

Click on the annotation arrow

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