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Character Style for the Dynamic Measure Tool

Using the Dynamic Measure Tool (VectorScribe Plugin), you can choose the font style, its size, and the width of the dimension line after having done previous settings. Let's see how it's done.

Step 1

First, create guides on our drawing with the help of the Pen Tool (P), with the dimensions placed in between them.

Dynamic Measure Tool

Step 2

Open the Dynamic Measure Panel (Window > VectorScribe > Dynamic Measure Panel). In this panel we can select the parameters that will be displayed in the drawing (a), the dimension scale (b) and the unit of measurement (c).

Dynamic Measure Panel

Step 3

Open the Dynamic Measure Preference dialog window. This can be done in the Dynamic Measure Panel submenu, as it is shown in the figure below, or by double clicking on the icon of the tool on the sidebar.

Dynamic Measure Preferences

In the Convert Measures Default Style field set the font type, size, and line width.

Convert Measures Default Style

Step 4

Now take the Dynamic Measure Tool and create the required dimensions.

Dynamic Measure Tool

Click on the Convert All to Art button in the Dynamic Measure Panel by turning the dimensions into vector objects.

Convert All to Art button

Convert All to Art button

All the created elements of the dimensions will be located in a separate locked layer called the Dynamic Measure.

Dynamic Measure layer

Controlling of the converted measures style after the first measurement has been converted into artwork in the document will be covered in a separate article to be published shortly.

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