#10MinSkills: Make a vintage logo in Illustrator

Designer Chris Spooner explains how to add authentic distressed effects to a vintage logo – without leaving Illustrator. This pro time-saving technique is the first in our new #10MinSkills series of tutorials, which help you boost your skill set in just 10 minutes.

You can follow the tutorial by downloading a free 14-day trial of the Texturino Illustrator plug-in, and if you like the free brushes that Chris imports into Texturino, you’ll find them here.

A faster way to add depth and texture in Illustrator



One of the most effective ways to add depth and tactility to flat-looking vector illustrations is through the use of texture. While traditionally designers and illustrators would save their texturing work for Photoshop, there’s a much faster and more flexible way to add texture to Illustrator artwork and modify it – without having to boot up your photo-editing software.

As Spoon Graphics founder Chris Spooner shows, the Texturino plug-in for Illustrator can dramatically speed up your texturing workflow. Using a vintage logo design, he explains some best-practice techniques for quickly weathering your artwork in Illustrator – from installing the plug-in to time-saving tricks like how to quickly change the scale or blending mode of a texture – as well as how to bring your own textures into Texturino.

Who will benefit most from the techniques covered in this tutorial? In short: anybody who regularly adds distressed effects to vector illustration, at any skill level.

Whether you specialise in branding, logo design, illustration or packaging – or prefer to draw in your spare time – Chris’ tips will help you work faster and more efficiently, freeing up more time for the fun part: being creative.

Texturino uncovered



If you haven’t come across Texturino before, the Illustrator plug-in lets you quickly add multiple raster-based textures as Live Effects in Illustrator to filled paths, live text, gradient meshes and raster objects. Top features include:

  • A Texture Brush to brush textures in or out
  • An Opacity Brush to brush opacity masks to remove or fade textures
  • A Texture Tool to quickly change a texture's scale, rotation, opacity and blending mode
  • Free high-res Pro Texture Packs

Read more about Texturino’s features.

#10MinSkills: Know your tools

10MinSkills: texture a vintage logo

This vector texturing tutorial is all part of our #10MinSkills campaign, which challenges you to set aside just 10 minutes every day to learn a new skill.

Why? Because in an Instagram age of instant gratification – where anyone can be a designer at the touch of a button – it’s more important that ever for professional creatives to know their tools. There are no shortcuts: to be a better designer, you need to learn your software.

Technology develops faster than our habits, though, and few designers or illustrators harness the full power available at their finger tips. (If you’re one of countless creatives who use the same menus, panels and palettes over and over again, you’ll know what we mean.)

Watch more #10MinSkills technique tutorials

We want to change that by helping designers and illustrators widen their skill sets. So we’ve collaborated with some of the industry’s most exciting creatives to bring you a series of short, time-saving technique videos that teach a new vector-based skill in just a few minutes.

By repeating each technique for 10 minutes every day – over your lunch break, say, or after dinner – you’ll quickly establish valuable new habits that will speed up your workflow, helping you work more efficiently, hit ever-tighter client deadlines and freeing up more time for the fun part: actually being creative.

We'll be adding more time-saving technique tutorials to our blog over the coming weeks. And we want to hear your tips, too: if you have a vector workflow technique that’s changed your life, let us know in the comments below.


Meet the designer: Chris Spooner


Chris Spooner is the founder of Spoon Graphics, an online treasure trove of Photoshop and Illustrator tutorials, free resources and inspiration to help take your design and illustration work to the next level. He posts new how-to guides, quality free design resources and helpful articles on his site each week, and you’ll find a wealth of video tutorials on the Spoon Graphics YouTube channel.

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