It's taken Astute Graphics twelve years, but we are now on the verge of complimenting our extremely successful set of tools for Adobe Illustrator with a brand new service. Say hello to Astui!

Starting with the years of learning we've gained in making highly refined, flexible and powerful drawing tools for vector designers, we added the magic that is AG Tech. The existence of Astute Graphics' vector technology SDK was revealed November 2017. In a new blog article posted on Medium, Astute Graphics and Adobe have given a first peek into how it's going to benefit designers and non-designers: Building a Smart Points Removal Plugin For Adobe XD Using Astui Web API

What is Astui?

Astui is a brand new subscription service by Astute Graphics.

At its core is the AG Tech which provides powerful and flexible vector artwork optimisation, editing and manipulation including Smart Point Removal, Outline Strokes, Offset Path, Vector Brushes and Boolean (also known as Add/Subtract and "Pathfinder").

The Astui service wraps this technology up in a simple and effective public web API. With each subscriber being able to generate a unique token (or "key") to validate each request, SVG vector paths are sent to the service, a request is made for a particular change, and the altered SVG path is returned.

At its release, users of Adobe Illustrator and Bohemian Sketch, Astute Graphics will freely provide the open-sourced plugins to allow a user to request Smart Point Removal and Move Points to Tangencies changes directly in the software. The Astui website will also offer direct uploading and optimisation of SVG files.

Adobe XD plugin

What's magical about the Astui approach is that it's relatively easy to add plugins and extensions that make use of its web API. This is one reason Adobe and Astute Graphics recently got together to bring about the Astui XD plugin for Adobe XD.

We are very privileged to be amongst the first developers to be invited to develop for a future extendable version of Adobe's flagship UI/UX vector software [see Adobe's recent announcement]. Detailed further in the blog post on Medium, the slick new plugin is being demonstrated on vector artwork direct in the document.


For years, Astute Graphics has been focused on empowering creatives to do more in Illustrator, and just recently they announced the development of vector editing APIs. This blog post is about Astute Graphics’ experience building XD plugins using their own APIs and XD’s upcoming plugin APIs.

— Drew Endick, Platform Partnerships Manager, Creative Cloud, Adobe



We are currently looking to make the Astui service available for public use by the end of October 2018. Please keep an eye on Astute Graphics' announcements and social media channels for updates to this.

If you are a developer, especially with Javascript skills, and would like to investigate further on how to integrate the Astui service into your existing or future products, services or solutions, please email us. We already have several developers working with us on exciting new projects!

For Adobe XD, please keep watching Adobe announcements for when the new plugin-compatible version will be publicly available.

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