Our update to Stipplism is now available. If you already own this plug-in then the update to v1.2 is entirely free.

To install it:

  • Existing customers – Please login to your account and download and run our latest Unified Installer v1.2.9 (installation advice at the bottom of this post)
  • New customers – Buy Stipplism


Along with the upgrade to Stipplism, there are a number of improvements and bug fixes for VectorScribe v3 and DynamicSketch v2. The full list of upgrade details, updates and fixes is as follows:

Stipplism v1.2.0

  • New feature: The Stipple and Symbol Stipple effects now have two additional parameters: 'Underlying Tone Controls Dot Density' and 'Scale Dots by Tone', which can create stipples where the dot size is not constant.
  • New feature: The increment of the Stipple Live Effect dot size spin-edit control is now dynamic. Below a dot size of 5pt, it will be 0.1pt. For 5-10 pt, it will be 0.25.
  • New feature: The Symbol Stipple effect now has a new parameter: 'Depth Sort', which adjusts the stacking order of the symbol dots based on their positions.
  • Improvement: The 'Preview' checkbox can now be made "sticky" so the preview is immediately shown when the parameters dialog is shown.
  • Improvement: The current number of dots in the Stipple or Symbol Stipple is now displayed in the parameters dialog when Preview is enabled.

VectorScribe v3.1.8

  • Bug fix: Fixed rare crash when trying to convert various paths to Dynamic Corners (Windows).
  • Bug fix: Fixed possible path corruption when converting very small circles to Dynamic Corners.
  • Bug fix: Fixed Dynamic Shapes crash when attempting to recognize a circle with diameter exceeding 16384.0pt.
  • Bug fix: Fixed crash when drawing a Dynamic Shape with the Shift and Option keys held down and the Shift key released.

DynamicSketch v2.1.4

  • Bug fix: In certain cases when a closed path is trimmed in a section between two butting paths, the resulting path is no longer joined incorrectly.

The new release of Stipplism has two new excellent features. These are:

  • Scale dots by tone
  • and Depth sort for the Symbol Stipple effect.

Now Stipplism allows you to change the size of points or symbols depending on the tone of the image and sort symbols in a certain order.

Scale dots by tone

The dialog windows of the Stipple and Symbol Stipple effects (Effect > Stipplism > Stipple … and Effect > Stipplism > Symbol Stipple…) are supplemented with a new option "Scale dots by tone" and Scale graph.


"Scale dots by tone" allows you to change the size of points or symbols depending on the tone of the vector or bitmap image. In the previous version of Stipplism only the density of dots/symbols was changed, while their size remained the same. To compare, below are two objects with a linear gradient fill, to which the Stipple effect was applied before and after the current update.


You can still change the density of points depending on the tone with the help of the "Underlying Tone Controls Dot Density" option and even use the Dot Scale and Dot Density options simultaneously.



Scale graph allows you to control the size of points manually using a curve in the range of tones from white to black and the scale indicated in the numerical fields.



The new "Scale dots by tone" function allows you to get more contrasting and beautiful images reproducing Pointillism and Stippling art styles.



The "Scale dots by tone" function works not only with the color tone, but also with transparencies. So it also applies to Drop Shadow, Feather, Inner/Outer Glow effects, and vector objects with transparent properties. The amount of dots that the effect consists of are shown in the bottom part of the Stipple and Symbol Stipple dialog boxes.



Depth Sort

"Depth Sort" determines the stacking order of the symbol dots by their coordinates or distance from a point for the Symbol Stipple effect. Let's look how this function operates on the following examples. Create a symbol in the shape of a sphere and apply the Symbol Stipple effect to the object with the fill. As you can see, the spheres are arranged in a chaotic order.



Now turn on the "Depth Sort" option and choose one of 3 options. "Distance From Point" distributes the symbols from the selected reference point. Center point is selected in the picture below.



"X-coordinate" distributes symbols along the X axis.



"Y-coordinate" distributes symbols along the Y axis.



The "Reverse Order" option reverses the normal stacking order.



And finally "Strength" – lower strength means more randomness in the stacking order.




Installing the Stipplism update

Please quit Illustrator, login to your customer account and go to the Downloads section where you will be able to download and run the latest installer (v1.2.9).

  • On the installer step that lists all the plug-ins available to install, tick the box next to Stipplism.
  • If you have previously installed Stipplism you will see confirmation text "Upgrade version 1.x.x to 1.2.0
  • Now click on the Install button to continue with the installation process





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