The latest photo art from Charlie O'Brien recently caught our eye and we were interested to learn that these images were created with some help from Texturino. The result is very effective and rather unique in all the examples that we have seen of Texturino to date!

Charlie was kind enough to fill us in on the tricks of his workflow for the 2 images featured here…


"Both pieces pretty much started the same way" says Charlie "but the final touches in Photoshop varied slightly, the same idea though".


  1. Start with a subject with a very plain clean background. Both model shots had gray backdrops.
  2. I tend to flatten them somewhat after cleaning up some blemishes. I then run them through Topaz Clean or Simplify and save the jpeg.
  3. Next, place the image in AI and run Live Trace  to make it a vector (I use CS6). I used a very limited color palette 8-14 colors because I want the banding that occurs in the plain background. The rest of the settings are just default Live trace.
  4. Now run Expand on the piece. With the Direct Select Tool (A), I choose a section of background and apply a texture to it in Texturino. I have a number of custom watercolor and grunge textures imported into Texturino.
  5. I then work around the piece, giving a different texture to most of the background sections
  6. In the second piece “Cotton Candy” I applied a cement texture to the whole piece and then went back and erased it from her face and body with the Texturino Texture brush.
  7. Lastly, I save the image as a PSD and export to Photoshop for more brightening or maybe watercolor effects like “Disposition of Lana.”
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About Charlie O'Brien

Charlie is a retired Radio Announcer/Presenter and Photographer from Windsor, Ontario. Specialising in portrait, concert, travel, event and fine art photography, as well as digital photo artistry, he has experience in a range of graphic work including website design. His interests in classic Indian Architecture, sports, digital design and music performance allow him to bring an artistic eye to his work, which has been featured in several issues of “Living the Photo Artistic Life” digital magazine.

For more of Charlies work, check out his social links: Instagram |  Facebook |  Twitter |

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