Last week, Astute Graphics was proud to release its wonderful new vector clean-up Adobe Illustrator plug-in VectorFirstAid. It's already received glowing feedback…

I’ve had it 10 minutes and I already know it’s going to be fantastic. It instantly fixed all the issues I had with an exported PDF – these are the bane of my life. Worth every penny.

Unfortunately we did't get it perfect on its very first public outing and a small number of Mac OS users experienced issues where:

  • VectorFirstAid stopped Illustrator from loading following installation
  • VectorScribe v3.0.2 failed to remain activated

We apologise to those who experienced these issues, especially for the inconvenience brought.

Our engineering colleagues have been working hard to resolve this, and following successful updated installers provided to those who kindly reported the issue to us, we are making the updates generally available today.

How to download and install the fix

Both Mac OS 10.7+ and Windows 7/8/10 versions are available for Illustrator CS6 and CC. To download the latest Astute Graphics Unified Installer (v1.1.8), either:

Once downloaded, ensure you have quit Illustrator and run the new Astute Graphics installer.

What's new?

We have updated VectorFirstAid to v1.0.1 so that it no longer stops Illustrator from loading in certain circumstances (only reported for Mac OS).

As a bonus, we have also included an update to Autosaviour Pro and Autosaviour FREE in this installer, now brought up to v2.0.7. The improvements include:

  • The Pro version now includes an option, when opening a document that has autosaving enabled, to disable it.
  • Autosave and backup settings enabled or disabled through the Pro panel checkboxes will now be retained after the document is saved and re-opened.
  • For new installations, the default setting for new documents is to "Do Nothing".

This update to Autosaviour will take place by default upon running the latest installer.

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