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Adobe Illustrator CS6 sneak peek

Yesterday, we wrote about the Adobe Illustrator CS6 preview. The fact is that we are not made aware of release dates of Adobe products, just like the general public. Everybody was expecting the CS6 creative suite to be released sometime in the first half of 2012, but Adobe's (favourable) decision to "sneak peek" Illustrator caught us out as this is the first time this was ever done.

We moved quickly to ensure all new orders (from the 28 March 2012) received Illustrator CS6-ready licenses that would be necessary for Astute Graphics' future plugins. However, we acknowledge that we moved too hastily and didn't properly consider the short time span between this announcement and the recent release of our very popular new product, DrawScribe.

Therefore we listened to early feedback and have now backdated the complimentary upgrade period to the point at which DrawScribe became available; midday (GMT) 6 March 2012.

DrawScribe, VectorScribe and Phantasm CS customers benefit

If you purchased an Astute Graphics plugin for Adobe Illustrator between midday (GMT) 6 March and 28 March 2012, the license key you have received is permitted for Illustrator CS3 to CS5.1. We have now updated all orders between this period so that a new license key may be obtained at any time which will allow the plugin to continue to operate for Illustrator CS6 when released by Astute Graphics (expected around mid 2012).

How to get your new license key

Use the simple form below to enter your invoice/order number (found on the receipt and original license key confirmation emails):

Invoice number:

If you can't locate or have lost your invoice/order number, please click here to request an automatic license key reminder email. Details of the invoice/order number as well as a direct registration link will be emailed to you.

Do I need to do this now?

No. Your current license key will continue to operate. It will only be necessary to gain access to your new license key as and when you upgrade to Illustrator CS6 and Astute Graphics has made available updated versions of the plugins.

Is this offer time-limited?

No. You can access your new license key whenever you want. But we advise that you do it now whilst you know where to get it!

What if I bought the plugin on or after 28 March 2012?

Your license key is already Illustrator CS6 compatible.

What if I bought the plugin before midday (GMT) 6 March 2012?

Upgrades will be made available at a reasonable cost.

What do I do with my new license key?

As soon as you receive your new license key, we recommend you apply it (even though you will not experience any difference in operation of the plugin). Take these steps to apply:

  1. De-activate your current plugin — click here for details
  2. No need to quit and restart Illustrator as suggested at this point – simply activate your plugin once more using your new license key
  3. Once successfully activated, it's now time to quit and restart Illustrator

When the updated plugin becomes available, simply download and install the trial version and you should be up-and-running straight away!

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