Upgrading to our #1 plugin – SubScribe v2

SubScribe v2 is released today as a major paid-for upgrade. Among many other exciting new features and improvements, version 2 offers a new Lock Unlock Tool, quicker object orient (straighten) tools and intelligently-combined Tangent and Perpendicular Line Tools.

In line with Astute Graphics' perpetual licensing model, if you're a SubScribe v1 customer who paid for your v1 license between 15 May 2018& and 11 February 2019, then you are eligible for a discounted upgrade to version 2*. The introductory upgrade discounts are available for 1 month from the release date until 12 March, after which you are still eligible for a smaller discount. Providing you haven't unsubscribed from our mailing list, you should have received an email on the release date informing you of your eligibility for discounts.

To claim your discount, please do the following:

  • Log into your Customer Account – this must be the account with which you purchased your SubScribe v1 license
  • Add SubScribe v2 to your basket
  • Click on ‘View basket’
  • Click on the available coupon code to apply it
  • Checkout

*Customers outside of this time frame received SubScribe v1 for free and would not be eligible for an upgrade discount.

Not ready to move to SubScribe v2? Read our advice on remaining with SubScribe v1

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