It's always great to receive feedback from designers as to how they make use of Astute Graphics' tools. So when we heard from Mark Nicoll at VisualMeaning, we just had to ask for a bigger glimpse into how they get the most from VectorScribe

At Visual Meaning we make large illustrated conceptual maps of how organisations work. A lot of the value we provide lies in the flexibility of the picture development process itself. We don't get to just draw a set of shapes representing our client's business and call it done. Each draft reveals to the client a new perspective on their organisation and brings fresh understanding and insight. Our visualisation has to evolve at the same pace as their sense-making, and we need our tools to provide us with that flexibility.


Vectorscribe's Dynamic Shapes Tool has been a particularly great help. For example, the Dynamic Donut tool lets us easily make "annular sectors" which are a natural shape for representing related parts of a whole system that share a common focus.


We simply make the shapes in 2D and apply a graphic style with a 3D effect, complete with depth and shading. It remains a set of editable dynamic shapes so, when we edit them, the 3D appearance updates automatically. You can imagine how much hassle that saves over the long way of drawing these things!



Here's the underlying compositional structure of an operational atlas we're working on right now (minus content). As you see, it's dynamic donut-tastic!

Thanks Mark!

For further information about the amazing graphics produced by VisualMeaning, please visit their website

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