Happy New Year Everyone!

Here at Astute Graphics we're always trying our best to provide you with the most useful and dynamic tools to assist you with Adobe Illustrator.

Not only do we create plug-ins from feedback given by customers and designers from around the world, but we try our very best to provide you with the right kind of material to learn how to get the most from the tools.

In an effort to take this to the next level for the pro users of Illustrator we have created a series of Vector Black Belt Videos by our very own Graphics Scientist Sebastian Bleak, for you to enjoy.

Below is a selection from our Black Belt Video Play list on our YouTube Channel – Check them out and see if you learn even more about what you can achieve with our plug-ins!

This how-to tutorial explains Illustrator's halftone pixel live effect and how it compares to Phantasm's halftone vector live effect.


This how-to tutorial explains how to use live text and the Appearance Panel in in Adobe Illustrator.


This how-to tutorial explains two ways to shade with stipples using the Stipplism plug-in in Adobe Illustrator.

Don't forget to download your FREE 14 day trial here and see what you can create!

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