Multiplex VectorScribe post

VectorScribe may be less than a day old, but some wonderful blog articles and an amazing tutorial has already been published by third parties.

For the growing number of VectorScribe fans, here are the links…

Gordon McAlpin is a long-standing friend of Astute Graphics (one day, we will publish the interview that was conducted with him some months back!) and was one of the key beta testers of the software prior to its release. It can't be emphasised how important the beta testing phase is on the core software (it's left to Astute Graphics to get installer issues muddled, but that's another story…) and Gordon managed to help iron out a number of key issues that we wouldn't have uncovered on our own. A huge "thanks" must go out to all active beta testers!

Gordon has kindly published this article on the VectorScribe launch:

VectorScribe used in the Multiplex comic

It's always great to see the media taking a pro-active stance and finding the news and writing up about events. CreativePro always displays this true spirit of journalism and produced this news item:

News on CreativePro website

A third posting comes from another beta tester, James Provost. When developing VectorScribe, we were aware of the range of design sectors that could make use of VectorScribe's tools. Technical Illustration is a very important niche and its was good to have James onboard accompanied by his obvious skills in this area. James kindly posted the following:

Technical VectorScribe article

VectorScribe logo

VectorScribe buddha

Meanwhile, over at Glitschka Towers, Von—designer of the wonderful VectorScribe logo—also put up this great post:

Logo project outline

Von is a little modest, we feel. His logo creation was really set around the loosest of briefs. In fact, we dug this brief out…

  • Cartoon caricature of an ancient, wise scribe (for some reason, I have the vision of something close to a happy Buddha in robes…)
  • Stylised "VectorScribe" text
  • Product to be marketed towards design market, so it can (should?) be fun

With our origins in graphic design, we know how much of a pain a customer's "input" can be on a great design. Yes—it can be a little unnerving to hand over the reigns of such a critical part of a design to another party. But the rewards are clear to see in this example. We felt an important factor was that the designer knew what the product was about (Von is another beta tester for VectorScribe). But it's the imagination that lets a designer reach their maximum potential.

A huge "thank you" to Von for such a great design. We obviously love it as it's already been replicated on web pages, videos, etc. hundreds of times!

Major VectorScribe tutorial

Vectuts tutorial for VectorScribe

Before launching VectorScribe, we had the opportunity to team up with the ever-present Vector Tuts+ website to commission a special tutorial for VectorScribe. We left the brief fully open, so it was a very pleasant surprise when we previewed the article which has just been published:

Create a Vector Chopper with Illustrator CS5 and VectorScribe

Iaroslav Lazunov, the designer and author behind the tutorial was selected by the site's editor, and we have to admit that the result is darn impressive!

If you have purchased or installed the 7 day full trial of VectorScribe, this is a must-see web page.

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