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Vector designers using Adobe Illustrator rejoice! VectorScribe is now amongst us bringing its inspired vector tools for creative enlightenment.

Astute Graphics' new plugin for Adobe Illustrator CS3 to CS5 is a thing of beauty and wonder. With its PathScribe, Dynamic Shapes, Dynamic Corners tools and more, it dramatically enhances the workflow for all who create and edit vector artwork. Critically, it works seamlessly with Illustrator's native features, blending in like native tools.

Available in two levels — a Designer and Studio version — and priced to fit every budget. Buy it now or download a full 7 day trial!

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It's often said that a picture can tell a thousand words. That's why we've gone one better and produced a wealth of bite-sized movies to allow you to discover and learn this extensive toolset. Find peace with your artwork and inspiration from this movie:

There are over 45 new VectorScribe movies, all in HD quality, available to view either through the VectorScribe products pages or via Astute Graphics' YouTube channel.

This is just the start. Astute Graphics will covering all the features available in VectorScribe over the coming weeks. Stay connected with Astute Graphics through one of the following channels:

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I didn't know Illustrator could do that!

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