Coming Attractions by Sean Ferguson created using VectorScribe v3

Improved tools, focused learning and amazing results are all the focus of VectorScribe v3 – the latest and greatest plug-in for Adobe Illustrator developed by Astute Graphics!

For this release, we first talked to our many thousands of users to see what they liked and wanted to see improved in VectorScribe v2. This release is our most advanced product across the board; from even more refined new and improved tools to a comprehensive rethink of how users can get the most from them.

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What's new?

Reposition Point Tool
Giving the magical power of sliding points along a path to reposition, optionally snapping to tangencies (the clockwork vector design method). See it to believe it!

Added Dynamic Shapes
Joining the geometric dynamic primitives such as circles, rectangles and polygons, are seven purposeful new dynamic shapes; Arrow, Cloud, Crescent, Cross, Gear, Heart and Speech Bubble.

Far from gimmicks, these carefully chosen shapes often form the basis of many masterpieces, frequently providing shortcuts to great results as well as inspiration!

Improved PathScribe panel and editing
We're often told that PathScribe is the greatest tool for Adobe Illustrator. We therefore gave it extra special attention when developing VectorScribe v3. The result is an improved panel giving ready access to even more controls such as automatic shifting of points to tangencies, path direction reversal, Smart Smoothing of handles and more!

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Hover measuring of path areas
The simple and quick calculation of a closed path area has been a long-standing quest by many technical-based designers. We know – we studied this years ago. Now, the Dynamic Measure Tool offers just this; a quick hover measure annotation giving you all you need to know.

New, focused learning
Over the past several years, Astute Graphics has made big advances in the quality of its online video-based training material. VectorScribe v3 gives users the culmination of all our learning based on 1:1 feedback and careful analysis.

We rightfully claim all our tools are geared towards time-saving. This is why we are now presenting a new training video series showing what users consider vital… all in under 90 minutes!

The material is now geared towards getting specific results rather than based on the tools. Therefore all content is now grouped as:

  • Edit Points, Paths + Handles
  • Create Shapes + Corners
  • Measurements

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And we're not stopping here. As with our previous major plug-in release, Texturino, we are already working on plans to develop the product and learning resources (blog-based and more… to be revealed) beyond this initial release!

Need more convincing?

Try it all for yourself! We offer a full, free 14 day trial:

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If you are already a customer, you can simply log into your Astute Graphics accounts page and download the latest installer:

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VectorScribe, as with all our current plug-ins, is now compatible with Adobe Illustrator CS6 and all variants of the Creative Cloud (up to 2015.3 at the time of writing). We support Windows 7/8/10 and Mac 10.7 to 10.12.

Please note that support for Adobe Illustrator CS5 has now ended.

Feedback for VectorScribe v2

Quick to pick up. Once you know the power of this and rest of the astute plugins you will be lost without them.” Chris Chadwick

VectorScribe was my first Astute plugin and it put me on the long path of owning them all. The functionality of this add-on supplants many of the more tedious functions of the program I use on a daily basis. I can’t use vanilla Illustrator without VectorScribe.” John

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Not yet ready to upgrade to v3?

Any VectorScribe v2 customers who do not wish to upgrade to VectorScribe v3 at present, can still download our latest free plug-in DirectPrefs. However, you will need to untick VectorScribe on the installer (as shown below) to ensure that version 2 remains available in Illustrator.

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