mac os 10.12 Sierra update

With the recent public release of Mac OS 10.12 "Sierra", we have been testing compatibility with our current plug-ins operating with Adobe Illustrator CC2015.3.

The good news is that no issues solely relating to this upgrade have been found or reported. Therefore, when operating with the Creative Cloud, we are suggesting it's fine to upgrade when operating with our tools.

What about CS6 and earlier versions of CC?

We are unable to declare suitability of the Mac OS Sierra update with earlier versions of Illustrator as there may be other factors relating to Adobe's tools that could be affected by a later operating system. However, we have not received any reports of issues and suggest that any issue would be unusual. As with all critical workflows, make sure you have the ability to test on alternative systems or first ensure the ability to roll-back if a problem emerges.

Which plug-ins are compatible with Mac OS Sierra and CC2015.3?

Astute Graphics have been testing using the latest publicly-available versions of our tools. To download the latest installer, please log into your Astute Graphics account and click on the download buttons.

We are not able to test the suitability of earlier versions (eg. VectorScribe v1 or Phantasm v2) and recommend purchasing the latest version to ensure compatibility if you haven't already done so.

Remember to back up!

As with all major updates, for critical workflows, we thoroughly suggest you ensure you have full backups of all critical work before committing to upgrades.

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