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Texturino is our plug-in for Adobe Illustrator (versions CS6 to CC) for helping to add fully controllable textures to your vector artwork.

Mystery Girl created using Texturino by Charlie O'Brien. Reproduced by kind permission.

We’ve been listening to you, the designers, and we have now added THREE new features to Texturino that are the most sought after.Firstly, you can now directly import  JPEG and TIFF images to the texture library as well as PNGs. This includes your own textures or purchased textures from resource sites such as RetroSupply, Design Cuts or CreativeMarket.Just simply open up Texturino and import your textures (Video: Import Textures from Retro Supply) as you normally would but this time you don’t have to convert to PNG first, Texturino automatically does this for you.

Once your textures are loaded you can categorise them, set default attributes for each time you use one and also see the size of each in the texture manager panel. You can check a box to in the Texturino panel to filter the view for Grayscale, Color or Non-repeating textures in the dropdown list of textures.

Regardless of the colourspace of your textures they will automatically switch to the colourspace your original document is set to.


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Our second feature can be found in the Texture Preferences panel by clicking on the flyout menu. Previously you could turn the transparency grid on and off but now you can decide what the background color of the transparency is by using the color picker.

Thirdly, we have now added the ability to use the Texture Brush Tool on the knockout blend mode to hide some of the texture on your artwork, including live text.

knockout opacity brush

There are other features that have always been in Texturino which are really useful such as the ability to package, save and send any textures you are using in a piece of artwork to send to another designer or just save for yourself.

package textures

What if you want to import a PSD? Well you can but there’s a small workaround for this. Place the PSD into your Illustrator artwork, then click EMBED. Now you can select from the same flyout menu “Convert Raster Art to Texture” and it will appear in your texture list as it is now converted to PNG.

knockout opacity brush

So, we hope you enjoy the new features and we’d love to see what you create by posting your images on social media and tag #Texturino.

Check out our Youtube channel with where we have over 30 tutorials on how to use Texturino and all its features.

youtube channel

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