For existing customers* of any of the following products; Phantasm CS, VectorScribe or DrawScribe, you are eligible for £10 discount off WidthScribe, ending 28 February 2013.

To apply, simply request a license key reminder email via this form…

You will receive an email containing details of all your purchases, including a "WidthScribe Designer customer introductory offer" entry. Please follow the link associated with this.

Customers who purchased volume licenses for 2 users or more for any product, you will be eligible for £10 off each WidthScribe license before a further volume discounts (from quantities of 3 or higher).

*Applicable for existing customer orders placed prior to WidthScribe's launch (30 January 2013, 18:00 GMT).

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I didn't know Illustrator could do that!

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