Elite bundle

Elite Bundle

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This bundle includes every single one of the plug-ins – including the brand new SubScribe v2 and newly updated VectorFirstAid v2 – we make for Adobe Illustrator.

Save 25% off in our current promotion when buying in this bundle, adding speed, ease and precision to your workflow with the complete set of tools.

Save 25% OFF the Elite Bundle!

Use Coupon code: Elite18

We've picked these 3 bundles from our 16 individual plug-ins as they go together so well!

Core bundle icon

Core Bundle

Includes 5 of our core plug-ins! Give your Illustrator a boost and reap the rewards immediately with your new toolset. Learn More

Draw bundle icon

Draw Bundle

Includes our 4 plug-ins most suited to drawing in Illustrator! Draw vectors quicker than ever before, it's as easy as pen on paper. Learn More

Effects bundle icon

Effects Bundle

Includes our 7 best plug-ins for effects in Illustrator! Color control, instant symmetry, customised effect stamp… Create eye-catching artwork and stand out from the crowd! Learn More

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