Creating Multidimensional Art with MirrorMe

  Adrian Rasmussen's laser cut multidimensional wood creations fuse technology, symbolism and spirituality. Here Adrian takes some time out to explain to us how Astute Graphics plugins have enabled him to bridge the gap between logical computer design and... read more

Creating an ‘IT’ inspired poster with Stipplism

By Joshua Butts Clowns always seem to be the theme of some sort of horror movie. Some of these movies nonetheless have given us some pretty cool artwork to enjoy. Pennywise from the movie "IT" gives us a fair share of the creeps and a new sequel is coming... read more

Create A Custom, Stylistic Lightsaber With Stylism

Create A Custom, Stylistic Lightsaber With Stylism Star wars has made an incredible comeback since the Force Awakens was released. There haven't been as many lightsabers in the latest movies as there were in the first 6 movies. The best way to make up for that is... read more

Colour Value Fixing With Phantasm v4

By Kirk Wallace Believe it or not, all of our digital software is mimicking traditional tools. We can use Astute Graphics' Phantasm v4 tool to create washes of color over our illustrations just as we would with acrylic paints, or watercolors. Great for creating... read more

Herman van Boeijen makes a Spider Droid

  Herman van Boeijen tells us how he used DynamicSketch to make this Spider Droid.   You may have heard Herman van Boeijen’s name here before. Starting in 2013, the Amsterdam based designer who wants “to marry DynamicSketch and have its babies” designed some... read more

Patterns & Polka dots with Space Fill [ColliderScribe]

By Kirk Wallace Designing with ColliderScribe Sometimes you gotta fill a shape with some texture or pattern quickly without wanting to fuss over the pattern tool. This is a versatile solution and clever way to break up a solid flat shape using the Space Fill tool in... read more

Tidying Up Your Type with Astute Graphics

By Kirk Wallace Just because your type is wonky and playful doesn’t mean you can’t have order in building it. I’m a full-time illustrator that comes from a computer science undergraduate degree, which creates a weird hurricane of hot and cold in my workflow. Maybe... read more

How to Create Filled-line Avatars with Scott Lewis

How to Create Filled-line Avatars Drawing faces in a simplified, iconic style can be challenging because typically icons use fewer details and do not use the tonal values that give the illusion of three dimensions. In this tutorial I will share my technique for... read more

Guest Blog – Valerya Aranovich

Today we have a guest blog from Valerya Aranovic, who tells us about her passion for design and why she loves to use Astute Graphics plug-ins in the creative process.   Hi! My name is Valerya Aranovich and I'm 24 years old. I started drawing at an early age... read more

Astute Graphics Plug-ins Workflow by Mark Oliver

Mark Oliver is an Award winning Illustrator and full time professional artist based in Worthing, UK. His recent work for the Smart Car campaign (among others) has benefitted from the use of our plug-ins, and here Mark talks us through a brief workflow to explain how... read more

AG Plug-ins Workflow Tutorial by Mathieu Persan

We had a chat this week with Illustrator Mathieu Persan, he shared some secrets of his creative workflow with us and explained how our plug-ins fit in to this. Mathieu says "Astute Graphics plug-ins have been a part of my workflow for 3 years now and I couldn’t... read more

Texturino Workflow Tutorial by Charlie O’Brien

The latest photo art from Charlie O'Brien recently caught our eye and we were interested to learn that these images were created with some help from Texturino. The result is very effective and rather unique in all the examples that we have seen of Texturino to... read more

Want to be a Featured Artist?

  With 20k + followers on social media and an impressive mailing list, we would love to showcase the work of our oh so talented customers! Not only will your work be viewed by thousands of other creatives, but it will also help newbies to understand how plug-ins... read more

Using VectorScribe to show the way – by VisualMeaning

It's always great to receive feedback from designers as to how they make use of Astute Graphics' tools. So when we heard from Mark Nicoll at VisualMeaning, we just had to ask for a bigger glimpse into how they get the most from VectorScribe… At Visual... read more

Carlos Garro: Geckos

When I started analysing the possibilities of what I could create with the new Texturino, I decide to take a risk and illustrate something that did not look "vector" at all. The source of inspiration came in December when I was doing a back up of my old... read more

Featured Artist: Chris Coffin

Chris Coffin is a 24-year-old Freelance graphic & web designer. Born and raised in Montreal, he graduated with a college degree in Graphic Design in 2012, and has worked in the industry for over 5 years. He has an incredibly creative & artistic mind, with a... read more

Featured Artist: Texturino Sea Horse by Liz Anderson

Liz Anderson is a designer and illustrator based in Atlanta, GA who loves learning new things just as much as a good rhubarb pie! Visit her at: Below Liz talks about her experimentation with the new texture plug-in – Texturino.  I am always... read more

Featured Artist: Charlie O’Brien

Charlie O’Brien is a retired Canadian radio announcer/presenter who has always loved photography. He has also done a range of graphic work including website design. Most recently he has focused on digital photoartistry utilizing Photoshop and Illustrator. His work has... read more

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