Featured Artist: Charlie O’Brien

Charlie O’Brien is a retired Canadian radio announcer/presenter who has always loved photography. He has also done a range of graphic work including website design. Most recently he has focused on digital photoartistry utilizing Photoshop and Illustrator. His work has... read more

Featured Artist: Irving Fuentes

My name is Irving Fuentes and I’m a graphic designer from Mexico. I love all Astute Graphics products and I have been using them since the release of the first version of VectorScribe . I tried Stipplism in the moment it was released and decided to participate in the... read more

New Von Glitschka Book out Now – Vector Basics

In the second edition of this popular guide, respected illustrator, teacher, and speaker, Von Glitschka shares his systematic method for creating precise, well-crafted vector artwork using the latest software tools. This fun and informative book has been expanded to... read more

Featured Artist: Maria Alejandra Hong using Stipplism

With Stipplism's release comes awesome artwork to show off what you can achieve with this amazing new plug-in. Maria Alejandra Hong sent in her artwork produced with Stipplism and we loved it so much it has become one of the official Stipplism example artworks!... read more

How to draw a Celtic Knot (Part II) by Carlos Garro

Today we will create a figure inspired by the Celtic Knots. For the example we will repeat a module 10 times and make its parts interleave. 1- Start We start with a 12 x 12 cm document, CMYK mode. Horizontal and vertical center guides was placed. With DynamicShapes (A... read more

Featured Artist: Bill Dawson #AGjune2015 Twitter Winner

Bill Dawson is a designer/illustrator/raconteur based in Los Angeles. Yes… that Los Angeles. He isn’t married to a movie star and he’s never been to the Academy Awards, but his typeface Megahertz was poorly used in Kevin Smith’s movie Jay & Silent Bob Strike... read more

Featured Artist: Marco Polenta #AGmay2015 Twitter Winner

Congratulations to May’s Twitter Competition Winner Marco. We loved his design and as prize he received his design on a poster! Continue reading to see why he loves to use Astute Graphics plug-ins in his workflow.    My name is Marco Polenta, I'm 45, I live in... read more

ColliderScribe2 Example Artwork: Carlos Garro

When long time AG friend Carlos Garro agreed to produce artwork for the ColliderScribe2 launch we were thrilled! Read below to learn how he created the beautiful Mandala design. The creation of mandalas has always intrigued and obsessed me, especially discovering that... read more

Featured Artist: Zsolt Már #AGmarch2015 Winner

March's Astute Graphics Twitter competition winner is Zsolt Már, as the winner of #AGmarch2015 Zsolt won his design on a mouse mat! Zsolt used Stylism and VectorScribe to create his winning piece and don't forget Stylism has 30% off until the end of April,... read more

Jeff Whetstone talks all things Illustrator and AG Plug-ins!

British make amends for burning of the White House in 1812, share new technology that increases jobs while decreasing depression in American Design And Illustration Community. Greetings My name is Jeff Whetstone, a creative director, designer and illustrator from... read more

Featured Artist: Doc Reed #AGjanuary2015 Winner

January's Astute Graphics Twitter competition winner was Doc Reed, as the winner of #AGjanuary2015 Doc has won his design on a mug so he can think of us every time he hits the caffeine! Doc is a designer and illustrator with over 12 years experience in... read more

Sean Ferguson shows off Phantasm!

Sean Ferguson is an illustrator, designer and animator living in Oklahoma City. More importantly he's one of AG's besties and has written a perfect Blog post for us, enjoy! Hello fellow vectorologists! This month Phantasm is on sale and I wanted to contribute... read more

Featured Artist – Ben Morris using Phantasm

When Ben Morris, freelance illustrator based in Edinburgh – UK, contacted Astute Graphics letting us know that he's used Phantasm to create art work in a book set to be published by the BBC we got excited. As Phantasm is our product of the month for February... read more

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