Adobe MAX Recap 2023

Adobe MAX Recap 2023

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As you will probably know by now, a team of us here at Astute Graphics attended Adobe MAX 2023 earlier this month. It was such a fantastic and valuable trip, so we’re here to take you through the highlights!

If you haven’t already, take a look at our MAX Best Bits reel on TikTok!

@astutegraphics Adobe MAX 2023, you were incredible! @Pink Pony Creative @Xencelabs @Natasha- Illustration Teacher @gettymuseum @Von Glitschka @Carlos Garro @Adobe @Natalie Andrewson @Tyler Pate @Nubikini @Dave Clayton #adobemax #adobemax2023 #texttovector #designcommunity #losangelescalifornia ♬ A Cup of Coffee - Muspace

Who did we meet? Who didn’t we?!

We had a blast meeting old friends and new faces…

@astutegraphics Do you recognise anyone? Tag them below if you spot a familiar face! #adobemax #adobemax2023 #texttovector #astutegraphics ♬ XXL - LANY

"I love Astute Graphics so much! It's perfect for my workflow and makes everything so much easier for me. The Phantasm Plugin with its Halftones; Stipplism; even Dynamic Measure... I use them all the time - So get amongst!"

Kristy Campbell, Pink Pony Creative

New Adobe Announcement: Text to Vector

We of course can’t talk about Adobe MAX without mentioning the incredible new feature everyone’s talking about… Text to Vector!

With such an impressive demonstration from the Adobe Team, we just had to give it a go! Forward-wind a few days and everyone at Astute Graphics has had their turn creating weird and wonderful designs…

BUT, we couldn’t help but notice how much we relied on VectorFirstAid to complete the design process, minimise issues, and give our images those finishing touches!

Take a look at two Generative Fill workflows using VectorFirstAid.

Use the Super Smart Remove Points button:

Reduce inconsistent point types:

Adobe MAX Nails?!

Alix, our Marketing Designer designed her nails for Adobe Max using Astute Graphics plugins! We filmed the whole process, from designing in Adobe Illustrator all the way to the salon! Give it a watch!

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