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Since March we have been running a weekly webinar, alternating between our regular 'Webinar Wednesday', hosted by Dave Clayton (Training Manager) and Nicholas van der Walle (CEO & Founder). Each bi-weekly session we demonstrate new plugin features and also tips on how to use our existing plugins. Then every other week we bring you 'The Rambling Illustrator' hosted by Nick. Both sessions have the ability for you to submit questions, either through the GoToWebinar portal or you can join our AG Slack Channel and join in the conversation there. We also show sneak peeks and talk all things Illustrator and problem solving with our design community, we even get plugin idea submissions which have been taken into our product updates - Join the AG Slack Community here

Webinar Wednesdays are open to everyone, whether you use Astute Graphics plugins or not as we show native Adobe Illustrator tips alongside our plugins. The aim is to show you how using our tools can save you time on repetitive, time consuming tasks in your daily workflow, as well as tips on how to get the best out of Illustrator. When designers say "I can't afford to buy plugins" we ask the question "can you afford not to?". Why? Because at this time where we are dealing with a huge change in our work routine, everyone should be looking to strengthen their design armoury to be ready to get back out into the workplace. In these times where design rates will become more competitive, having the tools to save up to 45% off your production time gives you the power to be more flexible. Being more flexible means saving money and time, giving you more billable hours. Plus many of the tools enable you to be more creative, adding more skills to your design belt!

Each week a section of the webinar is also published on our YouTube Webinar Playlist

Here's an example video from one of our Webinar Wednesday sessions...

The Rambling Illustrator sessions are a more in-depth, deep dive into design scenarios. Nick pulls back the curtain and tries to replicate issues and solutions to everyday design problems and demonstrates how to use either native Illustrator or Astute Graphics tools to solve a problem. Our viewers send challenges in to Nick asking "How can I make this?" and Nick sets out to find the most effective way to complete the task. 

Each week a section of the webinar is also published on our Rambling Illustrator YouTube Playlist

Here's an example video from one of our Rambling Illustrator sessions...

All our webinars are FREE to join, all you need to do is register each week and join in the fun every Wednesday at 4pm UK time 

Register for Webinar Wednesday here

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See you there!

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