New updates for Stylism Effects

New updates for Stylism Effects

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Stylism's latest and greatest additions—AG Block Shadow, AG Offset, AG Splatter and AG Architect—now all gain Settings Managers. These allow designers to store and instantly recall their favorite settings for these popular new live effects across multiple art objects and documents.

Secondly, in the latest round of updates, AG Architect becomes even more capable with new path extension options including curved, dashed and tapered end styles.

All these features are included in your annual subscription so update using the Astute Manager and start benefitting from these great effects today!

AG Architect update overview

Stylism Effects: Save Settings and Settings Manager overview

AG Architect update deep-dive into all the new features

As with any Astute Graphics tool available to subscribers and those in the free 7-day trial period, experimentation leads to exciting new possibilities. We would love to see how you use these new and creative effects in your own artwork! Share your work on Instagram or Twitter and use #astutegraphics. We'll be happy to share your work.

Locating your updates

Please refer to our support page Discovering and installing plugin updates for details on how to locate and update your plugins.

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