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The following list gives links to other developers, in alphabetical order, and their Adobe Illustrator plugins.

Note some plugins are only for older versions of Illustrator and some are for PC or Mac only. Please read developer's website for full details of each plugin.

  • Abneil Software Ltd.

    • Andrew's Vector Plugin Collection

      An extensive pack of vector shape creation tools also available
  • AppliCraft

    • CADgate
      DXF, DWG and IGES CAD file conversion – also available from Hot
      Door, Inc.
  • Artlandia

    • SymmetryWorks
      Make repeat patterns
    • LivePresets
      Live pattern swatches or symbols
  • Avenza Systems Inc.

    • MAPublisher
      Bridges the gap between Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and
      high-end graphic design and publishing of maps
  • Axaio Software

    • MadeToPrint Illustrator Auto

      Automated print and file output, adapted to the needs for packaging
  • Baby Universe

      Note: Plugins may be Japanese-language only

    • BPT-Pro
      2D CAD tools
      CAD tools with DXF file exchange
    • DB Palette
      Image registration database tool
    • DDCSV
      Auto-pagination system using CSV to control text and images
    • EXDXF-Pro
      DXF import and export
    • Serial Barcode
      Barcode generator
    • TypeSet-Pro
      Japanese type setting
  • Comnet Corporation

    • FoldUP 3D
      Packaging and dimesional design allowing preview of folded package
      or print design in 3D – also available from Hot
      Door, Inc.
    • LogoSpruce
      Tracing plugin which also offers path alignment and tidying
    • NiceCut / Pro
      Vinyl cutting sign making system
    • Slim Point
      Eliminate unnecessary anchor points, making files smaller
  • EuroSystems

    • CoCut
      Vinyl cutting
  • CValley, Inc.

    • FILTERiT
      FILTERiT is a plug-in suite which features various exciting and
      unique effects
    • Xtream Path
      Drag, stretch, push and pull… you can do a lot with paths
  • ECM Engineering

    • Sysfilter for Illustrator
      Transfer text to a text processing program or XML
  • Elysium Co. Ltd.

    • 3D-Tiger
      Visualize and edit 3D CAD surface data – also available from POSH
  • Enfocus

    • Instant Barcode
      Barcode generation and verification
  • Esko-Graphics

    • boostX
      Accelerate frequently used selection and alignment operations and
      add new ways to handle spot colors and special inks
    • checkX
      File preflight for print
    • trapX
      Advanced trapping control
    • barX
      Automatically generate barcodes, with checks and balances to assure
      the correct code is printed accurately
    • viewX
      Visually inspect your packaging design
    • OutRight
      Match between every proof, film or plate, no matter what PDF level
      or PostScript RIP or imaging device is used
    • stepX
      Create step and repeat arrangements ideal for label printers
    • ArtiosCAD import and export
      Import and export native ArtiosCAD files
  • FreeSoft s.a.

    • Silhouette
      Bitmap to vector tracing with manual detail control
  • green plug Bt.

    • aiTextEditor
      Simplifying the editing of text
  • Gluon

    • Slugger AI
      Create automated slugs (Mac only)
  • Hot Door, Inc.

    • CADtools
      Draw in any scale, easily dimension artwork and numerically control
      size and location of objects or points
    • MultiPage
      Adds multipage functionality
    • Perspective
      Isometric, oblique, and perspective drawing tools
  • i-cut

    • ai-cut
      Allows insertion of register marks for ease of setting up print/cut files, that will later be cut with the i-cut Vision digital cutting/routing systems
  • Jürg Lehni

    • Scriptographer
      Extensive scripting plugin giving the user the possibility to extend Illustrator's functionality by the use of the JavaScript language
  • Michael Swanson

    • XAML Export
      Export directly to WPF ("Avalon")/XAML
  • Microsoft

    • Ai>Canvas

      Export artwork directly to an HTML5 canvas element that can be rendered in a canvas-enabled browser
  • New Ceres Solution

    • NCS MagiSign
      Create, select, setup and cut signs
  • North Atlantic Publishing Systems, Inc.

    • CopyFlow Gold for Adobe Illustrator
      Export to a simple XML format, preserving the typography
  • Nineblock Software

  • Moan, Inc.

    • QwikMarx
      Produce layout dimensions
  • Panopticum LLC

    • Array
      Create complicated geometrical patterns
    • Vectorizer
      Convert a raster image into vector image with defined contour precision
  • Pound Hill Software

    • MetaGrove for Illustrator
      Comprehensive toolkit for XMP metadata
  • Pulse Microsystems Limited

    • Embroidery i2
      Create embroidery using Illustrator
  • Rick Johnson/Graffix

    • Concatenate
      Filter that connects two or more paths into one continuous path
      with options
    • Nudge Palette
      Allows you to adjust the position of a patterned fill within an
      object or dash pattern along a path
    • Square-Up
      Convert a selected path's anchor points to corner points, and square-up
    • Select
      Adds 18 additional object types under the Select menu
    • Cutting Tools
      Advanced path cutting and deletion tools
    • Trackplan Tools
      Quickly draw model railroad trackplans
    • Proof Block
      Creates a proof block for routing illustrations to editors and art
      directors prior to publication
    • Isometric Line Tool
      Draws straight lines constrained to isometric angles
    • Misc
      Other small (and free) or legacy plugins are available
  • Shinycore Software

    • Path Styler Pro
      Create bevel effects on your artwork
  • Stephen Vincent

    • Mesh Utils
      Adds eight filters and one tool to create, colour, and manipulate
      gradient meshes
    • Kimbo
      Tools including Mirror, Cut, Rectangle Cut, Tile and Rosette
    • VTexture
      Create natural-looking textures as Live Effects from gradient-filled
    • Curvius
      Additional filters Crenellate, Reverse Path, Roughen, Roulette,
      Simplify, Smooth and Straighten
    • Tessella
      Create rectangular, rhombic, hexagonal and triangular patterns
    • Point Tweaker
      View and finely adjust the coordinates of path points
  • Strata

    • Strata Enfold 3D CX
      Create professional folded 3D designs within Adobe Illustrator
  • Telegraphic

    • Radial Distort Filter
      Create a radial distortion of artwork
    • Cylinder Distort Filter
      Wrap artwork such as a lable around a cylinder or bottle
    • Pathlength Filter
      Computes the length/perimeter of paths
    • Patharea Filter
      Computes the area and length of Illustrator paths
    • Pathtotext Filter
      Exports a text file (tab delimited) of selected path co-ordinates
    • Tooldemo
      Example of a plugin tool which creates a logarithmic graph of a
      simple function
  • Transmissions llc

    • Transmissions for Illustrator
      Manage the translation and localization of text intensive Illustrator files
  • Triple Triangle Inc.

    • Mechanical Cubed
      A suite of products (including Slug Cubed, Job Spec Cubed and Crop
      Cubed – all available separately) for creating and maintaining mechanicals
      including crop marks, fold marks and slugs
  • TypeDNA

    • TypeDNA Plugged-in
      CS5 Extension plugin compatible with Illustrator (plus Photoshop and InDesign) allowing for quick exploration of fonts
  • Virtual Mirror Corporation

    • Vector Studio
      Creative filters including shape editing, texturing, advanced gradients
      and textures and workspace management – also available from Hot
      Door, Inc.
  • Worker 72a

      Plugins available for Mac only (other plugins are available)…

    • Scoop
      Collect support files
    • SepPreview
      Preview color separations
    • QuickCarton
      Create corrugated carton dies
    • Point Control
      Path and point control functions
  • Wriston Development

    • FlexoStep
      Tool for packaging/label artwork including stepping, repeating and
  • Zevrix Solutions

    • ArtOptimizer
      Reduce the size of images linked to Adobe Illustrator document

Other Illustrator Scripts

The following list gives links to scripts and script resources developed by third parties to extend the capabilities of Illustrator.

Even though scripts do not tend to provide extensive additional functionality, these small additions can prove invaluable and are often provided freely.

You may also wish to look at Jürg Lehni's freely available Scriptographer which gives an alternative scripting method and benefits from extensive support.

  • Adobe Exchange > Illustrator Scripts

    • Wide range of new and legacy scripts
      Varied scripts submitted by various authors
  • Ajar Productions

    • Merge Text and Send Swatches to Flash
      Merge Text script is especially good for re-merging PDF text objects
  • Pictrix

    • Selection of Javascript Ai scripts
      Wide variety of scripts (body text in Japanese – click here for automated English translation)
  • Illustrator Praxis

    • Scrtipts by Wolfgang Reszel and others
      Wolfgang Reszel's own scripts plus a wide range of scripts developed (and credited) by other developers
  • John's Javascripts for Illustrator

    • Multiple scripts
      A wide variety of free scripts handling text, placement, randomising and more
  • Loïc Aigon

    • Symbol Replacement
      An Illustrator plus InDesign and Photoshop scripts (also see Loïc's blog [French])
  • Nathaniel Vaughn Kelso's Javascripts for Illustrator

    • Multiple scripts by Nathaniel, John Wundes and Wolfgang Reszel
      Nathaniel, a leading Illustrator professional user specialising in the field of cartography brings a great collection of very useful free scripts to enhance Illustrator
  • Real World Illustrator blog

    • Blog produced by Mordy Golding
      Posting of a couple of Ai CS4 scripts catering for multiple artboards, uncluding more intelligent import of multi-page PDFs
  • Scriptopedia

    • Collection of Scripts
      This link directly you to the varied selection of wonderful Illustrator scripts (the site also caters for other Adobe application scripts)
  • Scripting Illustrator blog

    • Blog produced by John Wundes
      Discussing the issues of scripting for Illustrator CS
  • s.h Illustrator scripts
    Alternative Blogspot site

    • Some wonderful scripts by a Japanese author, kindly with a page also in English
      A wealth of useful tools including dash division, corner rounding, "Metaball", tree silhouette generation, dancing figure generation, automative tangents… and more!

Other Illustrator-related software

The following list gives links to Illustrator-related sofware developed by third parties to enhance workflows.

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