Not ready to move to SubScribe v2?

Not ready to move to SubScribe v2?

SubScribe version 2 is released today (12th February 2019) as a major paid for upgrade. Among many other exciting new features and improvements, SubScribe v2 offers a new lock/unlock tool, enhanced operations and new intelligent tool combinations.

In line with our usual perpetual licensing model, if you are already a SubScribe v1 customer, discounted upgrades will be available for 1 month from the release date. To claim your SubScribe v2 discount coupon, you will need to purchase within this 1 month offer period, ensuring that you're logged into your customer account when making your purchase. After this, existing SubScribe v1 customers are still eligible for a smaller discount. Customers who haven't unsubscribed from our mailing list will have received an email on the release date containing information on eligibility for discounts.


Remaining with SubScribe v1

If you're not ready to upgrade to version 2, you do have the option to remain with version 1. When installing other plug-ins, simply follow these steps (as circled in green below):

  • On the installer step that lists all the plug-ins available to install, leave the box next to SubScribe unticked.
  • You will see the option to “Keep version 1 ”
  • Now click on Install to confirm

Not ready to move to SubScribe v2? - Remain with Sv1


Installed SubScribe v2 by mistake? / Reinstalling SubScribe v1.

If you have accidentally installed a SubScribe v2 trial by mistake, you can revert to your SubScribe v1 version by uninstalling version 2 (see Guide to Uninstalling ) and then reinstalling using the last Astute Graphics Unified Installer to contain SubScribe v1 (Illustrator CS6 to CC2019) provided below.

Mac OS:



Full step by step instructions on installing and activating or plugins are available in our Installation Guide.

Please also see Maintaining or Reinstalling Previous Generation Plug-ins

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