Detail control in Astute Manager

The Astute Manager allows for granular control of each plugin, including each instance of... Read more »

Can I install and activate on more than one computer?

We allow installation and activation on up to two computers used exclusively by the same... Read more »

Can I have more than one customer account?

If you are on the Annual Service Plan you will only require one account which will contain all... Read more »

How does your licensing work?

If you have moved to our Annual Service Plan then every plugin release is guaranteed... Read more »

Legacy Unified Installers

The following legacy Unified Installers are for customers who haven't upgraded to the Annual... Read more »

How do I reinstall my old licenses?

This method is only applicable if you haven't yet moved to our Annual Service Plan or... Read more »

Installing AstuteBuddy with the Astute Manager

The following article explains how to install the AstuteBuddy plugin for the first time if you... Read more »

Installing and activating your plugins

To install, please download the Astute Manager from the Downloads page then refer to the step by... Read more »