Upgrading to the Annual Service Plan and discounts

2 minute read • Last updated 2019-10-11

Existing Astute Graphics plugin customers can gain access to exclusive offers when joining the Annual Service Plan.

This article describes what a user should experience when offered a discount.

Discounts are offered on a tiered basis. For example, our previously "Elite" customers will gain the greatest offer, and other discounts being based on spend levels and timeframes of purchase.

Note: discounts expire 11/27/2019.

By starting the Annual Service Plan, you will get the next year of new releases at a great discount! For further details of what to expect, please refer to our Roadmap.

To get onboard, login to our Account page.

As its a new website, you’ll first need to reset your password. Ensure you use the same email address you used on the older Astute Graphics website.

If you don’t see the password reset email from, please check your spam filter.

Once logged in, first ensure you can download and login to the latest Astute Manager using the same email and password as used to login to this account. Note that we no longer support Adobe Illustrator CS6.

If you have managed to login and use the Astute Manager including starting a trial or updating all plugins, you can continue with the Pay Now button, or click on Annual Service Plan in the left-hand menu. Select Yearly License.

You should then see this:

Your discount will be presented in a green highlight and applied automatically.

Complete with your details including card and finish with the lower Pay Now button.

The system will automatically debit from your card after 12 months to renew. If you do not wish for this to take place automatically, click on the Cancel Service Plan button which becomes available following the previous steps.

Return to the Astute Manager and you should be able to immediately Install Plugins or Activate. If you don't see these options appear, you can quit and restart the Astute Manager or wait until the options update.

For more information on how to use the Astute Manager, please refer to our related Astute Manager support material.


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