What is the Annual Service Plan?

4 minute read • Last updated 2020-07-10

Based on extensive feedback over many years Astute Graphics has changed over to a new Annual Service Plan. Here’s why…

  •  All customers will have access to every current Astute Graphics plugin for Adobe Illustrator.
  •  Automatic access to all new updates, upgrades, added compatibility, training and support for 12 months.
  •   Greater value for money with just one annual payment.

Time savings of at least 40% are regularly experienced by existing Elite customers. This benefit will be available for you and your team with the new Annual Service Plan.

Workflow focused
With the new Annual Service Plan, there will no longer be restrictions on the incredible creative possibilities and time-savings available due to missing plugins in your toolbox.

Customers get the most from our tools when they are all used seamlessly together, as part of an integrated workflow. The sale of individual plugins will cease, and you will just pay $119 USD (+ VAT, where applicable) for all tools. Astute Graphics can now demonstrate the tools as we always intended them to be used in the real world.

Keeping up with changes
One of the largest uncertainties experienced by those using technology is the frequency of releases. With some operating systems and Adobe releases causing breaking changes, it has always been a difficult task to ensure you’re up-to-date and compatible.

Astute Graphics also has a long and proven track-record of producing regular new product releases or major existing product upgrades. The news of these paid-for releases could not be made in advance.

Both situations have always left questions of cost in a customer’s mind. What’s the best time to buy into the plugins? When will the next breaking change take place?

With the Annual Service Plan, signed-up customers will benefit from not only all compatibility releases, but also compatibility with every new and major Adobe Illustrator release. With an average paid-for release rate of 3 plugins a year since 2012, both costs and anxiety will be reduced for all customers!

Get up-and-running quickly
The new Astute Manager is central to the new experience, vastly simplifying the experience, from ease of purchase and installation to activation.

So, is this “Cloud” or “Software as a Service”?
No. There’s a critical difference. If, for any reason, at the end of the Annual Service Plan you decide not to renew, you keep the licenses and software you purchased. We won’t turn access off. You paid for it. 

We’ll prove to you that there are huge benefits in signing-up for another year, from the exciting new tools, training material and support to continued use with Adobe’s latest Creative Cloud releases. You’re likely to make your money back in the first few days through time savings. Take our Free 14 Day Trial to find out, the trial includes 3 free plugins that you get to keep after the trial has ended.

Existing customers – we have you covered
With tens-of-thousands of loyal customers and well over 100,000 users, we want to ensure you’re looked after. As we have priced our new plan to be the cost equivalent of what will currently buy you 2 or 3 plugins, the vast majority of customers will benefit from gaining access to all tools rather than a restricted set. With our old licensing structure we typically released 2-3 major upgrades per year which (if purchasing all 3) could cost anything between $100 and $190. With our new service, you receive ALL licenses and upgrades for 1 year for just $119 and if you choose not to renew, you still have the licenses you paid for.

In the meantime, if you are already using previously-purchased plugins from us and you don't want to move to the Annual Service Plan, they will continue to work as they have always done. While these legacy plugins will no longer be updated, and may not be compatible with future operating system or Adobe Illustrator releases, their licenses remain valid and available for Adobe Illustrator CS6 to CC2019 on both Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 and macOS 10.10 through 10.14.

If you are experiencing any issues locating your license keys, please contact us quoting any known email addresses to which your plugin(s) are currently registered.


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