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Multiple Improvements and bug fixes now available.

10th May 2018

Dynamic Shapes Castle by Iaroslav Lazunov


As of April 26th 2018 a number of improvements and bug fixes were made available in installer v1.2.6, these fixes and improvements can be read about here.

Today we release our latest installer (v1.2.7) which provides the following bug fixes for VectorScribe and WidthScribe. To get these fixes, just login to your customer account where you will be able to download and run the latest installer from the Downloads section.

  • VectorScribe Bug fix: The PathScribe, Reposition Point, and Smart Remove tools no longer suffer UI problems when dragging [Illustrator versions 18.1, 19.1, 19.2, 20.1, and 21.1 only].
  • WidthScribe Bug fix: Tool and panel icons now display properly [Mac Illustrator CS6 and CC17.0 only].
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