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Installing Phantasm v4

18th April 2018

Phantasm v4 is released today with its biggest update in 12 years bringing a new Phantasm Panel for intuitive colour control and a new Vector Halftone clipping option among other highlights.

In line with our usual perpetual licensing model, if you are already a Phantasm customer, discounted upgrades will be available for 1 month from the release date. To claim your Phantasm v4 discount coupon, you will need to purchase within this 1 month offer period, ensuring that you're logged into your customer account when making your purchase.

The Astute Graphics Unified Installer underwent some changes last year to ensure that customers didn’t upgrade to paid-upgrade versions unwittingly. Accordingly, on the installer step that lists all the plug-ins available to install, you will now need to tick the box next to the plug-in (circled in red below) before you see mention of the newer version.

  • When installing only Phantasm v4, on the installer step that lists all the plug-ins available to install, tick the box next to Phantasm.
  • If you have previously installed Phantasm v3 or earlier, you will see confirmation text Upgrade version 3.x.x to 4.x.x.
  • Now click on Install button to continue with the installation process.
    Installing Phantasm v4

For full advice on installing our plug-ins, please refer to our Installation Guide.

Not ready to move to Phantasm v4?

If you're not ready to upgrade to version 4, you do have the option to remain with version 3. When installing other plug-ins, simply follow these steps (as circled in green below):

  • On the installer step that lists all the plug-ins available to install, leave the box next to Phantasm unticked.
  • You will see the option to “Keep version 3 ”
  • Now click on "Install" to confirm

Remaining with Phantasm v3

Installed Phantasm v4 by mistake?

If you have accidentally installed a Phantasm v4 trial by mistake, you can revert to your Phantasm v3 version by uninstalling version 4 (see Guide to Uninstalling ) and then reinstalling following the steps below.


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