My trial has ended, what next?

Your Free Trial will last for 7 days and it begins as soon as you download the... Read more »

How do I deactivate or uninstall my legacy plugins?

This article is for users of legacy plugins. If you are already benefiting from the subscription... Read more »

I don't want to move to the Subscription

Legacy Customers (if you purchased the Annual Service Plan, please skip to "All other existing... Read more »

Detecting and adding plugins to new installations of Illustrator

Please ensure you have updated to Astute Manager v2 before proceeding. An easy way to tell the... Read more »

What is the Astute Graphics Subscription?

Based on extensive feedback over many years Astute Graphics changed over to the Annual... Read more »

Can I have more than one customer account?

If you are on the subscription you will only require one account which will contain all plugins,... Read more »

macOS Catalina compatibility

The advice on this page has been updated 23 October 2019 following extended test and feedback... Read more »

Legacy Unified Installers

The following legacy Unified Installers are for customers who haven't upgraded to the... Read more »