SubScribe SubScribe

Create accurate artwork and gradients

  • Gradiator and Gradient Forge panels
  • Arc by points tool
  • Orient and transform objects
  • Straighten angled artwork
  • Create perpendicular and tangent lines along a segment or path
  • Art Switcher and Layer Comps panels

All 21 plugins and a year of updates.

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Arc By Points Tool

A quicker way of creating arcs by two or three points. Quick to master and a real time-saver for such a common shape.

Arc by points tool in Illustrator

Orient Transform Tool

The new Orient Transform Tool allows you to pick the object you want to orient and scale simultaneously. With a single keypress to also duplicate while you transform, it's great at replicating shapes along a path proportionally.

Duplicate and resize vector shapes with one tool

Perpendicular and Tangency Tools

The updated Perpendicular Line Tool now comes with a keypress option to repeat the perpendiculars along the current segment or entire path uniformly or randomly.

Draw lines perfectly out from a path

How you can get started

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AG Layer Comps

Save different views of your document with the new AG Layer Comps Panel. Create custom views that include center position, zoom level and layers on/off. Switch quickly between these views and know that it’s saved within the document ready for the next time you need it.

Read the full documentation manual for AG Layer Comps »

All 21 plugins and a year of updates for a year.

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AG Layer Comps Map Example

SubScribe technical specifications


  • Quick Orient Tool; straightening objects is only a click away!

  • Orient Transform Tool; make rotating an scaling creative and accurate

  • Orient Tool; better feedback and control of precise object orientation

  • Lock Unlock Tool; instant object and group-specific locking and unlocking

  • Tangent Line Tool; 

  • Perpendicular Line Tool;

  • Arc By Points Tool; 

  • Circle by Points Tool; added feedback, precision and options

  • Tangent Circle Tool; added feedback, precision and options

  • Curvature Circle Tool; added feedback, precision and options

  • Connect Tool; added feedback and options

  • Straighten Tool; added options

Highlighted functionality

  • Orient – or straighten – any object or selection accurately and quickly

  • Duplicate artwork whilst also orientating and transforming

  • Create wonderful random or uniform effects instantly with the new multi-perpendicular line option for the path segment or entire path

  • Don't know the keypress to lock a single object? The new Lock Unlock tool allows you to instantly target objects and groups to lock (stopping accidental adjustments) or unlock (allowing you to control the object once more)

  • Circles and Arcs (portions of a circle) are a common design feature – now create them instantly and with much greater accuracy

  • Fitting circles between two lines or matching a curvature at any point is a normally a game of guesswork – no longer with SubScribe!

  • Straighten (horizontal or vertical) any path segment instantly, whether connected to other segments or not

  • Connect two open paths either with smooth or straight connections in two click

  • All-new tool options are available to ensure they function as you want, for example automatically adding points at tangencies and intersections

  • Improved user feedback and control has been added to every tool to take out any guesswork and confusion

Gradiator Tool

  • More manipulation over multiple gradients

  • Rotate or randomize the colors of one or more stops

  • Convert flat fills to gradients or vice versa

  • Set gradient point of origin on multiple selected objects 

Gradient Forge

  • Create new gradients directly from artwork or swatches

  • Full color control over snapping and stacking stops

  • Capture gradients that last between sessions

  • Select and operate on multiple stops or midpoints

Art Switcher

  • The Art Switcher Panel allows you to quickly switch out art in your document.

  • Cycling and swapping around your selected items, or randomizing the changes.

AG Layer Comps

  • Save different views of you document with the new AG Layer Comps Panel.

  • Create custom views that include centre position, zoom level and layers on/off.