FindReplace FindReplace

Instantly locate + modify objects

  • Locate or select objects based on visual attributes
  • Select objects in complex artwork to modify natively
  • Replace any artwork with whatever you want
  • Ideal for imported artwork, prepress and repetitive work
  • Create and save extensive searches

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Locate or select by color, size, shape, text type, image resolution, group attributes and much more. Refine your search with multiple conditions in a single operation.

Find parameters panel


Replace located items with any sampled artwork. Position, scale and rotate based on the original object(s). Options to pick replacement artwork from a group randomly or consecutively, and position based on points and handles along path(s).

Replace parameters panel


Save and manage searches, navigate search history, define tolerances and set preferences for advanced use. Ideal for working with technical artwork, prepress, imported PDFs and machine output (laser, profiling, textiles, etc.).

Manage findReplace settings

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Instantly locate + modify objects in Adobe Illustrator

FindReplace is a flexible search tool for Adobe Illustrator. You can build your search criteria to narrow down results, save those searches for future use, and personalize your preferences for the more advanced users. Use FindReplace for technical drawings or prepress work, or use it to get instant creative results. 

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Coffee Shop Illustration

FindReplace technical specifications

  • Search across fifteen art types in four location types

  • Narrow results by specifying multiple, independent parameters that must all match

  • Save and recall frequently-used searches

  • Maintain search history across Illustrator restarts

  • Perform different operations on matched art (highlight, select, delete, hide, replace)

  • Replace matched art using flexible placement and transformation options

  • Achieve naturalistic results by specifying random selection of replacement art

  • New in v1.0.2: randomly affect only a portion of the matching art when using the Select, Add to Selection, Remove from Selection, and Delete buttons