Reform Reform

Shape + manipulate

  • Sculpt any vector path intuitively
  • Results in perfect, editable, standard paths
  • Avoid Bézier handles for complex reshaping
  • Unique variable path offset technology
  • Save Reform Profiles to apply across multiple paths

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User manual


Reform is a unique plugin for Adobe Illustrator which lets you intuitively sculpt and reshape a portion of—or an entire—path. It avoids the need to individually adjust, or even think about, multiple anchor points and Bézier handles that normally defines the path.


Reshape anything

Reform offset markers can be created and positioned with intuitive click-and-drags. The region of the path to reshape can easily be set by moving one or both of the end markers. Offset markers can be either smooth or sharp, with an option to smoothly transition the reshaped portion back to the original path.


Variable offsets

The optional Looped editing mode is ideal when working on smooth shapes such as ellipses. Astute Graphics' unique and powerful variable offset path technology is masked by Reform's ease of use, ensuring creatives can concentrate on making the shapes they want.


How you can get started

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Learn in just 20 minutes

We have created a set of workflow videos for you to learn how to use Reform in just 20 minutes.

View the full YouTube playlist »

We have also asked some designers to try out the plugin and create videos on how they have incorporated Reform into their workflows.

Watch Dave Watkins compare the native Reshape Tool to Reform »

If you still want more information and see the full capability of Reform, then check out our written documentation.

Full Reform user manual »

$139 per year. Subscribe now »
+ VAT where applicable

Reform technical specifications


  • Sculpt or reshape any unlocked path

  • Refine all changes to a path before applying or cancelling

  • Apply changes instantly, maintaining all other original path attributes (color, transparency, etc.)

  • Resultant paths 100% standard, with no evidence Reform was used

  • Works directly with all vector shapes, compound paths, clipping masks, text base-lines, etc.

  • Sculpt mode, ideal for regions to whole paths (open or closed)

  • Looped mode, ideal for closed smooth paths (effectively, variable offset)

  • Constant offset mode, ideal for offsetting a region of a path

  • Annotation preview showing potential changes to the path

Interactive controls

  • Define one or more offset values at any position along a defined path region, or the whole path

  • Click-and-drag offset markers, optionally maintaining position along path or offset distance

  • Switch between Sculpt and Looped modes

  • Marquee-select multiple offset markers

  • Click-and-drag multiple offset marker or numerically merge to constant offset value

Panel controls

  • Numerical control for offset marker(s)

  • Variable transition smoothing to elegantly merge sculpted, reshaped path to original

  • Corner types: Mitered, Rounded and Beveled

  • Define any marker as smooth or corner

  • Mirror selected marker(s) across path

  • Swap direction of all offset marker

  • Smart Join option for intelligent merging of path shape at ends of the reshape region

  • Advanced clipping option to disable automatic, intelligent clipping of reshaped path


  • Save and recall user-defined sculpt and looped Profiles

  • Apply saved Reform Profiles to any region of, or entire other paths

  • Manage Profiles with rename and delete options

  • Profiles stored across all Illustrator sessions


  • Annotation colors

  • Think/thin annotation lines for maximum visibility or precision

  • Integrated Smart Point Removal (unique Astute Graphics technology to optimise the number of resultant points)

  • Move Points to Tangencies to better place resultant points like a pro

  • Edit Selected Path Only to assist editing complex, layered artwork

Work faster with keypresses

  • Keypresses available throughout editing process to speed up workflows

  • Works with Astute Buddy plugin to provide context-sensitive key shortcut information, when you need it