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17 Time-Saving Plug-ins for Adobe Illustrator

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Elite Bundle

This bundle includes every single one of the plug-ins – including the brand new VectorFirstAid – we make for Adobe Illustrator.

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Core Bundle

Our core plug-ins! Give your Illustrator a boost and reap the rewards immediately with your new toolset.

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Draw Bundle

Our most suited plug-ins for drawing in Illustrator! Draw vectors quicker than ever before, it's as easy as pen on paper.

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Effects Bundle

Color control, instant symmetry, customised effect stamp… Create eye-catching artwork and stand out from the crowd!

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Collection of #10MinSkills tutorials

Work Super Fast in Illustrator!

Removing points has just got super fast in the latest Free update (existing customers) to VectorFirstAid and VectorScribe v3. Can you afford to not have these tools?

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"I can now do things that I previously had to do manually. Overall when creating a font, it's probably saved me between 6 and 8 hours."

Michael Doret

Designer, Lettering Artist & Illustrator

Timesaving plug-ins for Adobe Illustrator


"Lets me do my work so much faster" or "I've earned back the plug-in in one day!" Save time in your daily workflow, make your job simpler with less frustration.

Intuitive, easy to learn

You can do what you want how you want.


Suitable for all types of industry from fashion, branding and marketing, graphic design, animation, web design and pre-press, new Illustrator users to heavyweight designers, initial concept to deliverable artwork.

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