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AstuteBuddy Plugin for Adobe Illustrator


Keyboard shortcut panel

  • FREE when you download the Astute Manager
  • On-screen live key shortcuts
  • Works with all Astute Graphics tools located in the toolbox
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Autosaviour Plugin for Adobe Illustrator


Autosave, backups + reminders

  • FREE when you download the Astute Manager
  • Automatic file back-up
  • Save reminders
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ColliderScribe Plugin for Adobe Illustrator


Precise alignment + selection

  • Advanced artwork selection tool
  • Align shapes with ease and precision
  • Live Space Fill function
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Nudge distance, angles + guides

  • FREE when you download Astute Manager
  • Draw at angles
  • Keyboard nudge distance
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DynamicSketch Plugin for Adobe Illustrator


Intuitive vector sketching

  • Trim and Join tool which works on all paths
  • Natural, easier drawing tool box for strokes and brushes
  • Ideal for stylus devices e.g. Wacom, Surface Pro and macOS Sidecar
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FindReplace Plugin for Adobe Illustrator


Instantly locate + modify objects

  • Locate or select objects based on visual attributes
  • Select objects in complex artwork to modify natively
  • Replace any artwork with whatever you want
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InkFlow Plugin for Adobe Illustrator


Drawing + lettering in one tool

  • Ink simulation controls
  • Feels like a real pen
  • Turn your stylus into a calligraphic tool
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InkQuest Plugin for Adobe Illustrator


Prepress controls + checks

  • Swap channels (Ink mapping)
  • Ink coverage temperature map
  • Separations
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InkScribe Plugin for Adobe Illustrator


Precise path creation

  • Takes the native Pen Tool to the next level
  • Constrain distance preferences
  • Drag paths into place without fiddling with handles
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MirrorMe Plugin for Adobe Illustrator


Instant symmetry

  • FREE when you download Astute Manager
  • Apply symmetry to a layer or selection
  • See the symmetry effect in real time
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Phantasm Plugin for Adobe Illustrator


Instant color control + halftone

  • Vector halftones
  • 12 color adjustments
  • Apply as non-destructive live effects
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Randomino Plugin for Adobe Illustrator


Randomize in Illustrator

  • Easily break away from uniform vector artwork
  • Quick-and-easy randomization tool
  • Panel-based randomization of color, position, rotation, scale, Effects, etc.
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Rasterino Plugin for Adobe Illustrator


Image crop + editing

  • Interactive image cropping
  • Trim off blank image areas
  • Relink multiple embedded images
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Reform Plugin for Adobe Illustrator


Shape + manipulate

  • Sculpt any vector path intuitively
  • Apply repeating profiles to any shape
  • Create type-on-a-path effects
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Stipplism Plugin for Adobe Illustrator


Live stipple effect

  • Symbol stipple includes scale, color and orientation
  • Add stipple effect to vectors and text
  • Live stipple effect on gradients
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Stylism Plugin for Adobe Illustrator


Live effects made easy

  • AG Splatter live effect
  • AG Architect live effect
  • Live Block Shadow Tool
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SubScribe Plugin for Adobe Illustrator


Create accurate artwork and gradients

  • Gradiator and Gradient Forge panels
  • Arc by points tool
  • Orient and transform objects
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Texturino Plugin for Adobe Illustrator


Textures + opacity brush

  • High quality repeating and non-repeating textures
  • Import your own textures
  • Quickly and naturally brush an opacity mask
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VectorFirstAid Plugin for Adobe Illustrator


Clean up vector documents

  • Convert outline text back to editable text
  • Change text-point alignment
  • Reduce file size by eliminating redundant information
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VectorScribe Plugin for Adobe Illustrator


Editing, shapes, corners + measure

  • Dynamic Shapes Tool
  • Dynamic Corners Tool
  • Smart point removal brush
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WidthScribe Plugin for Adobe Illustrator


Variable stroke width effects

  • Variable width strokes for vector strokes
  • Width Brush and Eraser
  • Width Gradient
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