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Adobe Illustrator CC - Advanced Course

If you’re ok in Illustrator but you know there's more. Join this class & become an Illustrator superhero.

In this course you will work on a bespoke brief designed to ignite your imagination, coupled with immersive course videos, you'll be crafting jaw-dropping graphics in no time. Throughout our journey together, you'll flex your creative muscles and construct projects that will elevate your portfolio to new heights. So, let's dive in and unleash your creativity!

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About Bring Your Own Laptop

Hey there, I'm Dan Scott, an Adobe Certified Instructor with over 16 years of design experience under my belt, I'm part of the Adobe Expert program, and my online and in-person classes have been attended by more than a million people, just like you! Join me as we dive into the exciting world of Adobe Illustrator Advanced! In this course, you're not just leveling up in Illustrator, you're transforming into an Illustrator SuperHero!

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Dan Scott from Bring Your Own Laptop

Someone say easy vector Halftones?

The Advanced Illustrator Course from Bring Your Own Laptop dives into all things Illustrator, including some Astute Graphics Plugins, like Phantasm.

Phantasm can create 100% scalable vector halftones based on any underlying artwork. It features useful controls such as Monochrome, CMYK/RGB, Sampled colors, grid angle, dpi, undercoat color, and dot gain. Dots can be Circular, Square, Line, Text characters, or Symbols. All in order to speed up your workflow.

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