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Keyboard shortcut panel

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  • On-screen live key shortcuts
  • Works with all Astute Graphics tools located in the toolbox
  • Discover hidden features

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Tool overview

The AstuteBuddy panel describes what the currently active tool does. Keep the panel open or docked on screen to learn, or collapse to temporarily hide.

Shortcuts available

When using an Astute Graphics tool (ones located in the Illustrator toolbox), the AstuteBuddy panel will give context-sensitive tips on how to work faster and discover new functions.

How you can get started

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Discover even more

AstuteBuddy now compliments our other ways of learning more about Astute Graphics plugins. We also have cheat sheets available to download, hover help in panels and operation information in our preference dialog boxes.

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AstuteBuddy technical specifications

Context-sensitive tips (i.e. will update shortcuts depending on tool operation)


  • Snap To Collisions Tool
  • Rotate At Collision Tool
  • Rotate To Collision Tool


  • Dynamic Sketch Tool


  • InkScribe Tool


  • MirrorMe Tool


  • Stylism Tool


  • Circle by Points Tool
  • Tangent Circle Tool
  • Curvature Circle Tool
  • Arc by Points Tool
  • Tangent Line Tool
  • Perpendicular Line Tool
  • Lock Unlock Tool
  • Orient Tool
  • Quick Orient Tool
  • Orient Transform Tool
  • Connect Tool
  • Straighten Tool


  • Texture Tool
  • Texture Brush Tool
  • Opacity Brush Tool


  • Dynamic Shapes Tool
  • Dynamic Corners Tool
  • PathScribe Tool
  • Extend Path Tool
  • Smart Remove Brush Tool
  • Reposition Point Tool
  • DynamicMeasure Tool


  • Width Brush Tool
  • Width Eraser Tool
  • Width Gradient Tool
  • Width Selector Tool