Technical Updates

Mid September 2023 updates - 20 Sep 2023

AstuteBuddy v1.6.6
  • Updated key shortcut entries.
FindReplace v1.7.8
  • Improvement: The latest AG utility live effects (Dashify, Make Shape, etc.) are now available to search on.
  • Improvement: The replacement art chip now shows the rotation value of the object (if any) in its tip string.
  • Bug fix: When searching for compound path art, the attributes type, point count, and length now work as expected (all subpaths must match).
  • Bug fix: When either the replacement art or the original art has a non-orthogonal rotation, "After Scaling To Match" now works correctly.
  • Bug fix: After using the "Replace" button to replace only some of the matching art, the next use of the "Replace All" button now correctly replaces only the remaining matching items.
  • Bug fix: The replacement art chip tip string is now correct for point text objects.
MirrorMe v3.5.3
  • New feature: Tapping the Shift key can now change the active sector when axes are being created or are provisional (with the mouse button up).
Texturino v2.7.4
  • Improvement: Preferences dialogs now have on-panel help text.
  • Bug fix: Clicking along the scale slider without dragging now properly updates the texture's scale.
  • Bug fix: After increasing the padding value in the preferences, existing textures with "Autocover" are now immediately recalculated.
  • Bug fix: The Texturino tool no longer erroneously registers hits to the (invisible) controls of a missing or mismatched texture.
VectorFirstAid v4.0.8
  • Improvement: When using the Unoutline function and live text is selected along with the outlined text paths, VectorFirstAid will use only the fonts in the live text when attempting to unoutline the paths.
  • Bug fix: Words separated by em spaces, en spaces, and thin spaces are now correctly broken apart when breaking text into words.
VectorScribe v5.1.7
  • New feature: Pressing 'R' while adjusting a Dynamic Shape's slice will reverse the slice values on the fly.
  • If an AG Corner or AG Utilities live effect is added or edited with no art selected, a warning icon will now be displayed in the parameters dialog.
  • Bug fix: Dynamic Measure settings now recall precision values of 0 or 1 correctly.

Early August 2023 release - 07 Aug 2023

InkFlow v2.3.3
  • Bug fix: Extended panel control graph backgrounds not referencing incorrect resource (macOS only).
Randomino v1.1.5
  • Improvement: Tints of custom colors are now honored when added to Randomize Colors (list mode).
  • Bug fix: When randomizing color and adding a swatch group to the list, the last color in the group is no longer erroneously omitted.
Rasterino v2.7.2
  • Bug fix: The file path display now correctly updates after changing it in the Link Embedded Image dialog (Windows).
Stipplism v2.6.5
  • Improvement: A tips dialog has been added (accessible through the Symbol Stipple parameters dialog) that gives useful information about symbol variants.
Stylism v3.6.9
  • Bug fix: Creating a User Defined Favorite from a compound path on the Stylism panel now works properly.
SubScribe v4.1.8
  • Improvement: Art Switcher now uses the bounds of the clipping path when switching clip groups.
  • Bug fix: Dragging a Gradient Forge Adjust Colors HSL slider and then immediately pressing "Adjust" no longer creates an adjustment which is equivalent to clicking the button twice (Mac only).
  • Bug fix: Changing the document color model while a stop of a gradient is selected in Gradient Forge now correctly updates the Set Color sliders and values.
Texturino v2.7.3
  • Improvement: Upon opening a file with missing textures, a button on the Missing Textures dialog now takes you directly to the Find/Replace Textures dialog, where the textures may be located and replaced.
VectorScribe v5.1.6
  • Bug fix: Improved Dynamic Corners corner recognition when the path contains one or more redundant points.