Technical Updates

Color Sampling Suite - 16 May 2024

AstuteBuddy v1.8.6
  • Added support for SubScribe's new AG Color Select and Gradient From Art tools.
  • Updated ColliderScribe's Super Marquee tool keypresses.
Autosaviour v2.9.1
  • New feature: A new preference, Use New Document Backup Location If Document Backup Location Is Invalid, automatically tries backing up to the location specified for new documents if the path saved with the document is invalid.
ColliderScribe v4.0.2
  • Improvement: When using the Rotate at Collision tool, the alternate orientations accessible by pressing the space bar now include 90 degree offsets, not just 180 degrees.
  • Improvement: The Super Marquee tool now supports two text object modes — "Text objects only" and "All but text objects" — which can be toggled through using the T key.
  • Bug fix: The Super Marquee tool now properly restores the Text Objects only mode.
Stylism v3.8.5
  • Bug fix: Making a user-defined favorite from an object with the same live effect in both a fill and a stroke now correctly includes both effects when the favorite is used.
  • Bug fix: The native Offset Path widget now works correctly when detached from the default position but is not on a path.
  • Bug fix: Cursor annotations for the AG Block Shadow and AG Offset tools are no longer drawn twice.
SubScribe v4.7.4
VectorScribe v5.4.3
  • Improvement: The AG Corners live effect can now use different settings for the outside and inside corners of a path.
    AG Docs > AG Corners live effect page
  • Bug fix: Fixed possible crash when applying Dashify live effect to certain paths.

Late March 2024 - 26 Mar 2024

InkScribe v2.9.2
  • Bug fix: Button drag-and-dropping in the preferences dialog now works correctly again on Mac.
Stylism v3.8.3
  • Improvement: Applying a user-defined favorite can now be recorded in an action.
VectorFirstAid v4.2.1
  • "Remove All AG Active Content" has been updated to include the Path Visualizer and AG Curvature Visualizer live effects.