Technical Updates

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Mid-January 2022 updates - 13 Jan 2022

ColliderScribe v3.7.3
  • Improvement: The Collision Spacing parameter in the preferences dialog is now step-incremented using the current units.
Stylism v3.3.9
  • Improvement: When the AG Offset cursor is passed over a lengthy text object which would cause a significant delay in creating its offset path, a warning is now shown allowing you to ignore that object during the current tool session.
  • Bug fix: The Effect > Stylism > AG Offset... menu item is no longer disabled when only text objects are selected.
  • Bug fix: "Treat Groups as Compound Paths" now works correctly for stacked, multiple AG Offset live effects applied to a group or layer.
  • Bug fix: Changing an AG Offset's easing parameter using the parameter slider no longer creates numerous Undos for each movement of the slider.
  • Bug fix: Applying a native Transform effect to a layer with the Stylism panel, or targeting such a layer with the Stylism tool active no longer erroneously duplicates the layer.
SubScribe v3.6.4
  • Improvement: When starting a Perpendicular or Tangent Line and snapping to an existing path, the snapping annotation now indicates whether the snap is to an anchor point or straight segment midpoint.
  • Bug fix: The Arc by Points Tool now correctly indicates tangent snaps when ending the arc at an open path endpoint and dragging the arc's direction line.
  • Bug fix: Fixed problem where the Perpendicular Line and Tangent Line Tools might create the line at an incorrect angle to the last point of an open path.
VectorFirstAid v3.9.4
  • Improvement: When showing axis-alignable paths, the specific path segments which can be aligned are now highlighted rather than the entire path.
  • Improvement: Holding down the Shift key while choosing the panel "Break Text at Selection" menu item causes only the text object created from the highlighted text to remain selected.
  • Bug fix: Breaking text no longer incorrectly removes its appearance (for appearances applied at the text object level).
  • Bug fix: Colorized symbols and symbol variants used only in Symbol Stipple live effects are no longer erroneously flagged as unused.

Mid-December 2021 updates - 14 Dec 2021

AstuteBuddy v1.4.4
  • Added support for new MirrorMe tool keypress (see MirrorMe).
  • Added support for new Extend Path tool keypress (see VectorScribe).
ColliderScribe v3.7.2
  • New feature: Space Fills can now have the step value of the random rotation specified.
  • Improvement: When subtracting or intersecting with the Super Marquee tool in Boolean mode, you can now choose to use 'Contextual Highlighting', which only highlights the objects which are already selected and therefore affected by the marquee operation.
  • Bug fix: Values of "Vary Size" on the Space Fill panel above 1.0 are now retained across Illustrator restarts.
InkFlow v2.2.4
  • Bug fix: When opening a document where the top layer is locked, InkFlow no longer causes the document to appear automatically modified.
InkScribe v2.6.2
  • Bug fix: The InkScribe tool can now move the handle of a path inside a Live Paint group when Smart Guides are enabled.
MirrorMe v3.4.2
  • Improvement: The 'T' key may now be pressed when creating or drag-editing the mirroring axes to toggle the 'Trim and Join' setting on the fly.
Phantasm v5.5.2
  • New feature: Halftone live effect dots, when circular, may now have their roundness and detail directly specified without having to add a second live effect like Roughen to the art's appearance.
VectorScribe v4.7.5
  • Improvement: The Extend Path tool annotation color is now user-selectable; pressing the 'H' key when dragging the tool changes it on the fly.
  • Bug fix: The PathScribe tool can now move the handle of a path inside a Live Paint group when Smart Guides are enabled.
  • Bug fix: Illustrator no longer crashes when attempting to draw a Dynamic Gear with three teeth and zero size.
WidthScribe v3.6.3
  • Bug fix: Grouped, 'Make from Preset'-type Width Stamps or ungrouped, 'Make from Top Object"-type Width Stamps are now moved through the Align panel correctly.