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Last updated 31 March 2021

Below is our intended* roadmap. Note that regular (typically monthly) additional minor updates are not detailed below.

Adobe Illustrator plugins

  • "Path Reshape" (Astute Graphics plugin #20!)

Minor updates including:

  • Super Marquee boolean mode (add/subtract from selection)

  • InkScribe workflow enhancements

  • "One-click" removal of all active Astute Graphics data (inc. dynamic object status, Astute Graphics live effects, mirroring, etc.) in VectorFirstAid

  • "Protect Sharp Corners" option when Super Smart Removing points in VectorFirstAid

Beyond mainstream functional releases, a request-based beta programme opt-in will be available through the Astute Manager. This will allow for the early deployment of "lab" style tools for testing.

Astute Graphics is also working hard towards native Apple M1 hardware compatibility for all plugins. Please refer to our social channels and website for updates.

Training material

  • Frequent new video and written training material so that you can get the most from our tools

  • Regular mini training material via our Instagram channel (which has now passed 10k followers!)

Astute Manager and user account

  • Astute Manager v3 to bring power consumption improvements, UI/UX enhancements for both macOS and Windows users, plus native Apple M1 hardware compatibility.

  • Evolution of the Astute Manager to become a "service hub" for designers, connecting Astute Graphics and external resources.

Do you have a suggestion?

Astute Graphics have been listening to suggestions from customers and users since our first plugin (Phantasm) in 2006. If you have a tool or enhancement that you think would be useful to your vector workflow and other Adobe Illustrator users, please get in contact.

We also actively seek feedback from customers via regular surveys. Our latest one has ensured many improvements are underway. Read about what actions we plan to take »


*We can't provide specific dates or fully predict external factors such as updates by Adobe, Apple and Microsoft. All information provided here is purely an indication and may be subject to change without notice.