Calling all logo designers

Plugins allow you to:

✔ Move points to tangencies

✔ Trim and join paths at intersections

✔ Constant offset open and closed paths

✔ Accurate circle and arcs tools

and so much more to help you create accurate logos

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Smart point removal brush to remove excess points

Reposition points tool adjust points without changing the original paths shape

Move points to tangencies with one-click

Learn more about VectorScribe »



Adjust fidelity controls in one easy panel

Continue editing all paths

Trim and Join paths at intersections

Learn more about DynamicSketch »


Shape + manipulate

Constant offset lettering 

Sculpt paths, and preview without adjust anchor points

Save profiles to use on other objects

Learn more about Reform »


Creating accurate artwork

Arc by points tools (2 or 3 points)

Circle by points and tangent circles

Perpendicular and tangent line creation

Learn more about SubScribe »

AG Offset (Stylism)

Multiple offsets

Treat multiple objects as one compound path to create an easy outline

Add multiple offsets to open and closed paths

Create sticker effects

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