ColliderScribe ColliderScribe

Precise alignment + selection

  • Advanced artwork selection tool
  • Align shapes with ease and precision
  • Live Space Fill function
  • Rotate and snap to collision

All 19 plugins and a year of updates.

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Super Marquee Tool

Select the multiple objects you want in a single click-drag. Creative and precision options include random selections, alternating, rectangular / elliptical / round marquee shapes, fully enclosed mode and reposition marquee.

ColliderScribe Super Marquee Tool with eclipse selection

Collision Tools

Align objects and shapes precisely or place shapes at a certain distance from each other, like mosaic tiles, in no time at all with Snap to Collisions Tool.

Rotate to and Rotate at Collision Tools lets you rotate shapes around any path whilst simultaneously colliding. Align objects perfectly just like you would in reality.

ColliderScribe collision tools snap to point and rotate to snap

Space Fill

Fill single or multiple shapes with selected objects, packing the items for a great result. The live features include uniformity, size rotation, multiplication and release/expand.

Space Fill feature from ColliderScribe

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ColliderScribe used to create patterns for fashion show by Kitty Florido

ColliderScribe on the catwalk by Kitty Florido

Ever found yourself zooming in order to align paths in Illustrator? 

ColliderScribe allows you to align shapes with speed and precision. Made up of three alignment tools that use clear annotations to highlight intersecting points. Additionally be inspired by the Space Fill panel which allows you to fill single or multiple objects with selected objects to an even fill with live features. Don’t underestimate the power of this simple alignment plugin, it will dramatically increase the speed of your workflow as well as open up a world of creative possibilities.

$119 per year. Subscribe now »
+ VAT where applicable

ColliderScribe technical specifications


  • NEW: Super Marquee Tool
  • Space Fill
  • Rotate to Collisions Tool
  • Snap to Collisions Tool
  • Rotate at Collisions Tool
  • Offset spacing for each tool